American Eagle Gold Coins

Gold Eagles are an increasingly popular investment choice due to their government backing, tangible nature, and liquidity. Buyers should however be wary of dealers offering coins below spot price.

Reputable bullion dealers provide quick transactions without much paperwork involved when selling American Eagle gold coins. Buyers should exercise caution when attending auctions or coin shows as these may also sell these products.

They are backed by the U.S. government

American Eagle gold coins are among the world’s best-selling bullion coins, supported by the United States government and representing an investment option popular with both investors and collectors alike. First introduced in 1986, these durable products feature 22kt gold mixed with harder alloys which resist bending or marring that could decrease resale value; they’re produced at US Mint facilities worldwide in various weights and sizes including 1 oz gold bullion versions.

The Statue of Liberty and 50 stars on its obverse side represent America’s strength as a world superpower, while on its reverse is depicted by Miley Busiek to symbolize family strength. Furthermore, these coins make great investments as they move independently from stocks and bonds while offering security and liquidity features attractive to self-directed retirement account holders.

They are easy to buy

American Eagle gold coins offer investors an easy investment solution because they’re so readily accessible. Available from numerous coin dealers and bullion brokers who accept multiple forms of payment; in some cases dealers also provide delivery or storage services at additional costs.

The one-ounce American Gold Eagle coin is an attractive investment choice due to its low minimum purchase price and high resale value. Crafted with one ounce of gold and other metals for durability and wear resistance, its design features Lady Liberty by Renaissance artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens on one side while on its reverse there is an image of male eagle carrying an olive branch and protecting a nest of young eagles on its reverse side.

Investors can select various versions of the American Eagle gold coin, such as burnished and proof coins. Burnished coins feature an exclusive finish which increases durability, while proof coins come encased in plastic “slab” cases with higher resale premiums. Both types of American Eagle gold coins qualify for inclusion into self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRA), though rare coins may not.

They are easy to sell

Gold American Eagles are tied directly to the spot price of gold, known as its spot price. This value is determined on commodity exchanges such as COMEX where contracts representing it can be bought and sold like shares traded on stock markets. Newspapers and broadcasting channels also report this information, while investors who actively trade metals will closely follow its movements.

Gainesville Coins stands out as an ethical seller of gold American Eagle coins with fair pricing and satisfaction guarantees, in addition to being affiliated with numerous industry groups.

American Eagles offer investors another advantage by being held in self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). This enables them to diversify their portfolio with tangible investments rather than the paper assets favored by Wall Street.

They are a good investment

American Eagle gold coins have long been one of the best-selling bullion products worldwide, but since 2008’s Financial Crisis they’ve seen increased purchases to diversify portfolios. An ideal alternative to traditional securities and even eligible for use within self-directed IRAs.

Their value depends on the metal they contain, which fluctuates based on global commodity exchanges and changes with fluctuating gold spot prices. Premiums that buyers pay for these coins take into account various factors including coinage costs, numismatic value and proof grade status.

Finding the appropriate dealer is of utmost importance when purchasing American Eagle coins. Be wary of sellers offering American Eagle coins below market value; these may be fraudulent transactions selling fake or stolen coins. Instead, opt for dealers with competitive pricing and solid industry credentials; attending coin shows and auctions could also prove useful, though be wary of overly-favorable deals that may present themselves.

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