Can an LLC Hold Precious Metals?

Many individuals have been convinced of the need to establish an IRA-owned LLC to store precious metals. Facilitators and dealers often tout its protective benefits by keeping your IRA assets separate from any personal assets you might possess.

Although an IRA can legally own IRS-approved coins and precious metals, due to stringent IRS regulations it cannot store these assets at home.

Asset Protection

Asset protection in today’s litigious society is of utmost importance, especially precious metals held within an LLC structure. Holding precious metals within an LLC offers protection from creditors.

An LLC allows your assets to remain protected if you are sued individually; any judgment creditors would need to go through it to access them – usually an expensive endeavor.

Establish a foreign trust to further insulate your gold and silver investments from local creditors by setting up an irrevocable foreign trust, such as one based in tax havens such as Cook Islands or Nevis, to hold assets beyond your personal control and out of reach of local creditors. Such structures typically require professional advice in order to function effectively.


Precious metals present an intriguing diversification opportunity. Their lower interest-rate sensitivity than cash and bonds offers similar diversification advantages while simultaneously offering greater protection than stocks, funds and real estate investments.

Self-directed IRAs may own an LLC that can buy and store precious metals – this process is known as gold or precious metals IRA. This arrangement is legal under IRS regulations, with the IRA serving as sole owner of this type of LLC.

As opposed to other investments, this one does not require you to qualify as doing business in your state of storage in order to use this approach. Some companies have misrepresented it by misnomering it a home storage IRA or checkbook IRA; but such terms mislead people and obscure the truth – only certain people qualify under all circumstances and that status cannot be assured.

Chain of Title

A chain of title is a document that documents all previous ownership transfers for real estate, helping prevent claims by third parties against future ownership of their real estate and revealing whether or not the current owner has any mortgage liens attached to their property.

Therefore, when purchasing real estate it is crucial that the chain of title be clear. A title search is part of mortgage underwriting process and conducted by a title company who then provide their findings in a report to protect buyers against financial loss caused by errors within it. A title insurance policy also helps safeguard buyers against potential errors which might obstruct title to real property ownership.

Chain of title can also be crucial when dealing with other assets, like precious metals held within an IRA or self-directed retirement account (SDIRA). A clear chain of title must exist when transferring ownership from your personal name to the LLC that holds these precious metals.


Precious metals offer investors a safe haven in times of economic instability, making them a perfect addition to diversify their portfolio and protect themselves against inflation.

An LLC provides significant asset protection when holding precious metals. Should you ever become sued individually, any judgment creditors would first need to go through your LLC before accessing their assets – an extremely tedious and lengthy process that often fails.

An LLC offers more than asset protection; it’s also useful for tax reasons. Since the IRS does not impose special taxes on LLCs, profits from your metals investments will be taxed the same as they would be when held within your traditional IRA – making an LLC the superior choice when investing precious metals IRA.

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