Can You Buy Gold in an IRA Account?

Before investing in a gold IRA, make sure you review its rules and fees carefully. Select an established self-directed gold IRA custodian who does not charge additional fees while offering educational resources.

Choose a company that can buy back your precious metals at current wholesale prices upon closing the account – this feature isn’t typically offered by standard custodians.


Purchase of gold through an IRA can involve various expenses. There may be one-time costs involved when opening an account with any given provider; other fees can include transaction and storage fees which vary between providers – transaction fees could range from flat rates up to percentages of value of investments held; some companies even charge a markup on price which can quickly accumulate over time.

Investors can reduce fees by selecting a provider who does not impose additional charges, provides transparent pricing on purchases and sales, offers impartial education, customer service and does not engage in high-pressure sales tactics or misrepresent the benefits of gold investments. Also important: this provider should disclose their annual fees clearly in all documentation; otherwise they should consider moving their accounts away. Furthermore, it must possess an IRS-approved depository to store precious metals.


Gold investment comes with numerous rules and taxes that may make valuation difficult, especially as its value fluctuates. Furthermore, you cannot hold traditional investments within a gold IRA; this could become problematic when it’s time for RMD distributions when having to sell precious metals could fund it all.

Physical gold investment requires paying fees to both your custodian and depository for storage and insurance of the gold you buy, depending on its type. Fees vary between companies depending on what kind of gold is being purchased; some may not disclose these charges online so it’s essential that you ask about them beforehand. Furthermore, vendors often add markup fees on sales which can add substantially to costs; investing in ETFs might be more cost-effective and would also eliminate risks associated with home storage of precious metals.


Gold is an alternative currency and often considered as a safe haven against its eroding value and economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, unlike paper money investments, however, gold requires physical storage space and doesn’t produce income or pay dividends – increasing both its risk and volatility significantly.

If you want to invest in precious metals, a self-directed IRA that enables nontraditional retirement assets is necessary. Also make sure your gold IRA custodian meets IRS guidelines with regards to insurance and purity standards for investments made under an IRA account.

American Bullion or APMEX specialize in gold purchases for IRA accounts through an IRS-approved depository that’s safe from theft or natural disaster, with stringent security measures monitored 24/7 by trained personnel at every depository location. They’re also bonded and insured and offer various storage options.


Before investing in Gold IRA, it is vital that you find a custodian who is both trustworthy and experienced. Search online for “list of self-directed IRA custodians.” Interview at least three custodians before making your final selection – they should provide clarity regarding fees and services as well as an easy method for funding your account.

Gold IRAs can provide your retirement portfolio with diversification and help protect assets against inflation or other forms of financial turmoil, but don’t provide the potential tax-advantaged growth that more traditional IRA investments do – since physical gold doesn’t pay dividends and you must wait to sell it to see your return.

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, allows investors to invest only in precious metals that meet IRS purity standards – this includes bullion and coins produced at national government mints as well as certified refiners or assayers. You may also invest in gold-based collectibles but will incur an early withdrawal penalty of 10% before turning 59.5.

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