Can You Invest in Gold Coins in an IRA?

As gold prices increased this summer, many investors may have wondered whether an individual retirement account (IRA) can invest in precious metals; the IRS typically prohibits these IRAs from owning collectibles such as jewelry.

Physical gold can be an ideal investment to hold within an IRA in certain situations. But, before investing, consider these issues first.


Gold IRAs or Precious Metals IRAs are self-directed accounts held in physical form of physical gold coins or bars by their account holder, providing unique benefits not available through other asset classes like stocks or mutual funds.

To qualify as a precious metals IRA, your investment must consist of coins or bars approved by the IRS. Usually only those produced by an official government mint, LBMA-accredited refiner, assayer or manufacturer qualify as investments; plus there may also be minimum fineness standards set forth by the IRS to consider them compliant investments.

Collectible investments held in an IRA should be treated like regular income and must pay tax rates applicable to ordinary income when withdrawing distributions, with potential 10% early withdrawal penalties applied unless an exception applies. Furthermore, any gains from collecting items within your IRA are subject to capital gains taxes just like any other taxable investments.


When investing in precious metals through an IRA custodian, make sure that they are transparent about fees. Unlike companies advertising late night TV, trusted IRA gold dealers won’t pressure you into making high-pressure trades or commit all your savings into their products.

A quality IRA gold company will offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service, in addition to guaranteeing you are purchasing coins that qualify as eligible investments in an IRA account. In order for them to do this, coins must meet IRS minimum fineness requirements as well as be made from recognized mints/manufacturers like United States Mint or Royal Canadian Mint – making sure your coins can be included!

Augusta Precious Metals is an esteemed IRA gold dealer known for their straightforward pricing model and user-friendly account creation process online. Their customer support team strives to guide clients toward wise investment decisions that help meet their retirement goals by forgoing high-pressure sales tactics that are all too common in this industry.


IRS has extremely strict requirements when it comes to investing in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Gold coins and bars must conform with size, weight, design and metal purity regulations. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to find a trusted company who can assist them in meeting these regulations, while also handling all the details involved with investing in precious metals IRAs.

Gold that qualifies for an Individual Retirement Account must come from a recognized mint or manufacturer, such as APMEX’s selection of precious metal coins and bullion that meet the minimum fineness level set forth by the IRS.

Though traditional IRAs remain the go-to solution for investing in physical gold coins and bars, some individuals opt for self-directed IRAs, which provide greater asset diversification options and allow investors to select custodians. Unfortunately, self-directed accounts incur higher annual fees than their traditional counterparts while they also require investors to find both a broker and storage facility for the bullion they plan to store themselves.


Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts that allow investors to invest in precious metals such as coins and bars, such as gold. You can open one by contacting one of several custodians that specialize in such investments; there are multiple companies which provide this service – some even provide price notifications while enabling users to track their account online!

These companies may charge an account setup fee and seller markup that depends on the type of gold purchased; some also assess annual maintenance fees.

To avoid fees and to protect your investment, it is important to select a company with secure storage facilities and insurance that covers investments. When considering where and how you want to store your metals – at home or in a safe deposit box – keep in mind IRS rules regarding precious metals stored within an IRA (e.g. avoiding stashing them away in closets, safes, or home safes).

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