Certified Gold Exchange, Inc Review


If you are looking for the premier precious metal trading company, that is what Certified Gold certified gold exchange reviewsExchange, Inc labels itself. They are based out of Texas and deal in a wide variety of high-quality precious metals. Not all of their metal is IRA approved but they sell a good selection of IRA approved gold. The focus of CGE, as they are known in the industry, is providing positive customer interactions.


About the Certified Gold Exchange

Certified Gold Exchange operates in the US with its headquarters in the Wells Fargo Tower in Fort Worth, Texas. It began operations in 1992 and provides its services to both individuals and companies. Their online platform is https://www.certifiedgoldexchange.com. It has been featured on various notable publications including Wall Street Journal, The Street and Market Watch. It is also among the few precious metals IRA companies that we reviewed supporting charitable causes. Certified Gold Exchange supports the American Red Cross, Wounded Soldier Project and the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.


Services offered by the Certified Gold Exchange

From its website, the company says it offers the following:

  • Gold and silver bullion coins from the government mint
  • Gold and silver coins certified by NGC and PCGS
  • Gold bars from Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse
  • Silver bars from Johnson Matthey and Engelhard
  • COMEX acceptable bars

The company also has the following features:

  1. They offer an Exclusive PriceMatchPlus® guarantee which offers to match and beat by one per cent any quote from reputable dealers on identical and certified coin products similar to the one we described in our review of The Hartford Gold Group.
  2. They have a research team that provides comprehensive analyses and forecasts on the market, helping clients make well-informed financial decisions.
  3. It has non-commissioned account representatives who guide clients through every transaction and respond to any issue arising or the customer’s concerns.


Advantages of Certified Gold Exchange


Excellent Reputation

Certified Gold Exchange reviews online and elsewhere affirm its claim of having zero complaints since the day it started operations. It has a 5-star rating on TrustLink and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.



On page testimonials and those on other platforms praise the information provided, the professionalism and courtesy of the staff as well as the being involved in every step of the process. The company also has been featured in various reputable publications and has become an authority in the industry.


Experience and longevity

With almost three decades in the industry, the company has gained a wide range of experience in the market. The long experience is also a testament to the company’s stability and the right way of conducting business.



There is extensive information you can gain from the Certified Gold Exchange even when you are not trading using the platform. They have various award-winning guides and extensive market forecasts and analyses. Perennial traders and novices on the industry can all benefit from the information freely provided.



Certified Gold Exchange has an extensive insurance cover and guarantees that you will get your investment delivered in good condition. It also assures anonymity and protects your financial information.


Extensive gold and silver services

The company provides a broad range of silver and gold services and various other financial options. The catalogue is also comprehensive enough to match the needs of customers looking for certified gold and silver bullion and well as coins. There are also 401(K) rollover plans, among other instruments.

Because all of the top gold IRA companies have a preferred custodian, so does CGE. Certified Gold Exchange uses the Brinks and Delaware Depository Services as their go to custodian. If you are buying gold or silver to store at home they can also arrange home delivery.



Besides the extensive information provided through guides and the blog as well as an easy to navigate the site, the company offers representatives to clients. These guide clients all through, updating them on every progress and even providing counsel on various options.




Limited to gold and silver

Extensive as their services may be in gold and silver, the company does not cover any other precious metal. Even in gold and silver and their related instruments, the company may not match the reach provided by competing platforms of its stature. You may want to see its full range of services and options to determine if they will be sufficient for your needs.


Wide operation means slower service

The vast operation of the company causes trades to happen at a slower pace. There are many clients, and the complex nature of some transactions means waiting can take a week to several weeks. For example, the IRA transfer process takes ten days, and the 401k rollover process takes 21 to 28 days and delivery of metals from one to 2 weeks.



Certified Gold Exchange is a legit platform and a leading authority in its industry. If you do not have the need for other metals besides gold and silver, it could be the right place to be. The security and support provided are of highest stadarts as is its record of quickly solving any client concern.




- Excellent Reputation

- Almost three decades in business

- A great resource for precious metals investing


- Limited to gold and silver

- Slow delivery and transfer processing



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