How Much Does a Gold Lira Weigh?

Gold coins contain high concentrations of pure gold; however, their weight varies based on composition and minting process.

20 Lira gold coins provide an easy and cost-effective way to diversify an investment or retirement portfolio with international gold bullion. Not only do these coins hold inherent, numismatic, and historic value in addition to being composed entirely of pure gold, but they can also serve as great collectibles!


Weight of Gold Lira Is Less Important Than Purity for Investors When it Comes to Buying Coins The purity of gold coin produced is typically at 0.999 fineness or 24K; although, its exact amount varies slightly between coins.

The 20 Lire gold coin is a fractional Italian gold bullion coin featuring the image of Italy’s current King when it was issued, often sought-after for its intrinsic, numismatic, and historic value.

Gold Lira coins are an affordable way of adding world history and an affordable form of gold ownership into any portfolio, be it retirement, investment or coin collection. Their prices reflect changes in gold market pricing – making them a good option when considering alternative bullion bars as they don’t require as much upfront capital outlay.


Gold bullion is typically measured using the troy ounce, which differs from the regular ounce used by most Americans due to being calculated using powers of 10. This system allows for more precise weight measurements when measuring gold weight.

Many gold coins feature an obverse depicting their gold weight measure with its year of minting, while their reverse side may feature national coat of arms or wreath, or in later designs, an image of the reigning monarch at that point in time.

Italian 20 Lira gold coins do not meet the stringent purity requirements set out by the IRS for inclusion in an Individual Retirement Account, yet they make great additions to other types of accounts and coin collections around the world. They can be easily acquired from many bullion dealers worldwide and maintain an intrinsic market price value which fluctuates with global gold prices.


The gold lira is the modern descendent of several older currencies found throughout Europe and the Middle East, including Sardinian liras, Lombardy-Venetia pounds, Two Sicilies piastras and Papal States scudos. Furthermore, it serves as both the national currency of Turkey as well as one of its denominations.

Modern Turkish lira coins feature the image of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish Republic. These coins are widely used as savings tools and to hedge against depreciation of the currency – in fact, when tied first to Swiss Franc and then US Dollar values it took over 154,000,000 original lira coins to buy one American Dollar!

Gold coins offer an easy and economical way to incorporate ancient world history into your investment or coin collection portfolio. Each 20 Lire gold coin contains one fifth of an ounce of pure gold alloyed with 0.1867 Troy oz of total weight.


Lira coins are an increasingly popular choice among Middle Eastern coin and bullion dealers, providing access to an array of world coin and bullion dealers and making an invaluable addition to retirement, investment, coin collection portfolios or retirement planning strategies. When purchasing or selling genuine liras it is vital that they contain watermarks with Ataturk’s portrait as well as its denomination numeral; additionally they should not appear fluorescent under UV lighting.

The 20 Lira Gold Coin from Italy is an exceptional world gold coin with historic, numismatic, and aesthetic value. Minted prior to Italy joining the Latin Monetary Union and containing approximately.1867 Troy ounces of gold. With such a low premium over spot price for gold these pieces make great investments without spending an exorbitant sum of money on it.

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