How Much Gold Should You Have?

How much physical gold can you have

Gold can provide an effective diversification strategy, providing some cushion from market volatility while at the same time eating up capital when prices decline. But investors must be wary: investing too heavily could end up draining capital over time.

Physical gold requires secure storage either at home or at a bank, and these costs should be factored into its price.


Gold bullion can make an excellent addition to any investment portfolio, as its performance is uncorrelated with other assets and provides wealth diversification. But before purchasing physical gold bullion, investors should carefully consider various factors.

Buyers who invest in bullion should be mindful of shipping and storage fees when making their purchase. Many dealers charge monthly storage fees depending on how much gold remains in an account; fees typically range based on weight; they may differ between companies.

Gold bullion products provide more value per square inch than coins and rounds. Unfortunately, large quantities of bullion require valuable space at home for storage; therefore many investors choose depository storage facilities, which offer safe yet secure facilities with limited access hours that cost money but require deposits as well as fees to operate. Certain dealers offer complimentary storage when purchasing certain amounts from them.


Investors looking to turn a regular profit when purchasing and selling gold tend to favor more portable forms of investing such as coins and rounds, preferably purchased from an established bullion dealer as opposed to local jewelers or pawn shops. They make sure they buy from only reliable dealers that sell near-spot prices of gold.

Individuals interested in gold products for their collectible value often prefer coin-shaped investments as an ideal form of protection. Such investors typically search for high-quality coins featuring identifiable obverse and reverse designs like Weinman’s Walking Liberty coin and Mercanti’s Bald Eagle and shield coin to meet this criteria.

When shopping for gold coins and bullion, it’s essential to remember the reporting requirements associated with their purchases. Selling precious metals to unregistered dealers is illegal, while failure to report a sale to the IRS could result in substantial fines and penalties – so only buy or sell bullion from registered dealers who provide documentation as proof.


Jewellery can contain unlimited physical gold. When selling jewellery, however, sellers should take caution not to sell for less than it’s worth.

When purchasing jewellery, it’s essential that its quality and purity can be confirmed. One way of doing this is to closely inspect it or bite down on it – real 24 karat gold will leave an imprint in your teeth!

Gold calculators allow you to estimate how much money you will receive when selling jewellery, while online gold buyers provide an easy and fast process for buying and selling gold items. Payment can usually arrive within 24-48 hours after shipping your parcels for appraisal; plus insurance will keep them safe! Online buyers are an ideal alternative to local pawn shops as they tend to offer higher payouts than brick-and-mortar businesses.


Gold has long been seen as a reliable asset to have during times of economic strain or political conflict. There are various methods available for investing in gold, with the amount depending upon your goals, risk tolerance and overall portfolio diversification needs.

Physical gold can be purchased either locally through dealers or online from dealers and stores alike, with bars and coins ranging in sizes from one ounce up to over one kilogram available to store in a safe or safety deposit box at the bank – adding another expense, but providing peace of mind at the same time.

Futures markets provide another means of investing in gold, though this option should only be considered by experienced investors and requires access to a broker that supports futures trading. For beginners looking to get into investing, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may provide an easier and safer alternative as these ETFs hold equal investment values as gold but trade on stock exchanges for easy onboarding of new investors.

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