Rosland Capital is one of the leading precious metal  firms in the United States. The firm was started by Marin Aleksov in the year 2008. The head-office of Rosland Capital is located in Los Angeles, California. Rosland Capital aims to provide high-quality customer service while educating its clients about investment in gold and other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium resource. Rosland Capital helps you secure your retirement savings and shields you against potential stock market unpredictability. Having specialized in trading both gold and silver, Rosland Capital also deals in production of gold coins, silver coins and silver bars.

The firm has the expertise to help you to make a solid investment. They will educate you to strengthen your assets by buying coins and other precious metal products. They educate customers on the advantages of purchasing gold and other precious metals. You can check the “Why Buy Gold” section at their website to get detailed information about the benefits of buying gold.

Marin Aleksov serves as the CEO of the firm and he has over 20 years of experience in the field of precious metals. Under the guidance of Marin Aleksov, over 70 employees work in the firm and Rosland Capital has an A+ rating for providing the best customer care service for its consumers.

Through the years, Rosland Capital has seen an exciting growth. In early 2014, a new branch was opened in the London, UK starting with a small group of professionals. Now the branch has grown and offers great assistance to customers throughout the UK. To announce the new London branch opening to the public, an ATV campaign was launched on premier British TV stations. The campaign, “Rosland Book of Gold” aimed to introduce a brand new marketing proposition for the company. Rosland Capital UK has matched the success it had in the US, where many customers have shown great response to the direct campaigning by buying gold and silver. In the year of 2015, a book titled “The Rosland Capital Guide to Gold” was released by Rosland Capital. The book was penned by Aleksov together with John Watson. All the earnings from the sale of this book have been donated to the American Red Cross.

Rosland Capital offers a solid and professional approach to convert your IRA into gold and other precious metals. The website is a great resource to help make buying gold, silvers and other precious metals easier for customers. Rosland Capital is also well known through its spokesman William Devane who encourages investors to secure their assets while appearing in Rosland Capital TV advertisements.

The firm has unfortunately received a few negative reviews or complaints from its current and past clients. The vast majority of the complaints concern its prices. Other than that, Rosland Capital has various accreditations among them BBB business of the year of 2008. If you have any worries about safeguarding your hard-earned financial assets, you can contact Rosland Capital’s financial advisers. If you want to find a firm that has good track record and the experience to protect your wealth, then try Rosland Capital. Better still, visit their official website.