Is the Gold Buffalo Coin Real?

Is the gold buffalo coin real

The Gold Buffalo coin is an extremely popular investment choice among both investors and collectors alike, being made from one ounce of fine 24-karat gold with a face value of $50 and being guaranteed by the United States government.

The coin’s obverse features an image of a Native American that is a composite of three real life tribe chiefs from different tribes, while its reverse features its namesake–an American bison.


The gold buffalo coin, introduced by the United States Mint in 2006, has quickly become one of their most popular bullion coins among investors who favor 24 karat gold coins.

The coin features the profile of a Native American, while its reverse side depicts an American bison, also known as a buffalo. James Earle Fraser designed both, creating the legendary Indian Head nickel from 1913-1938 that bears this design.

The reverse features a full-length left profile of Black Diamond, an iconic buffalo who resided at New York City’s Central Park Zoo during the early 1900s. Both sides contain traditional inscriptions such as face value, weight, and millesimal fineness of this coin.


The gold buffalo coin depicts an American bison standing atop a mound of dirt in full body left profile on its reverse, as well as inscribed information regarding its content, purity and face value of $50.

James Earle Fraser designed the coin’s obverse with an image depicting a profile of a Native American, claimed it is an amalgamation of features taken from three distinct tribe chiefs (Big Tree (Kiowa), Iron Tail (Oglala Lakota) and Two Moons (Cheyenne).

Native American profiles and buffalo imagery invoke strong symbolic associations for strength and courage, providing investors with security in their investments. Backed by the US government, this coin comes in one ounce sizes as well as 1/10 and 1/4 bullion versions to give investors peace of mind during purchase.


American Buffalo gold bullion coins are made of 24-karat pure gold, making them an excellent investment option for collectors and precious metal investors. Each coin weighs one ounce and measures 1.287 inches across; their gold comes from recently mined sources before being struck at the United States Mint in West Point, New York.

James Earle Fraser created this design based on a composite of several Native American chieftains such as Chief Two Moons and Iron Tail.

The American Buffalo coin is legal tender and carries a face value of $50. It is guaranteed by the US government for both weight and purity, increasing its overall worth.


The American Buffalo gold coin is an internationally popular bullion product produced by the United States Mint. As its inaugural 24-karat pure gold bullion coin ever issued by this country, investors can invest in US-produced bullion that rivals international offerings like Canadian Maple Leaf and Austrian Philharmonic coins.

The American Buffalo gold coin’s obverse features a right-facing portrait of a Native American, which sculptor James Earle Fraser said portrayed various Native Americans. Additionally, there is an inscription with both its year of minting and “LIBERTY.”

The reverse side of the coin features an image of an American bison with its left profile shown, inspired by Black Diamond at New York City’s Central Park Zoo. Above him are written its face value, content, and purity specifications.


The Gold Buffalo coin’s intrinsic value stems from its gold content. Furthermore, it’s backed by the United States government, adding to its security and trustworthiness.

The obverse features the portrait of a Native American designed by James Earle Fraser – who studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens – from sketches of three distinct American Indian tribe chiefs. Liberty and its year of minting can be found printed along its border at top right and bottom left respectively.

The reverse features a majestic American bison, inspired by Black Diamond who resided at New York City’s Central Park Zoo at the time of design. This animal represents an integral part of America’s cultural heritage after once nearly becoming extinct before making a successful comeback.

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