Who is Lear Capital?

Who is Lear Capital? Lear Capital is an investment firm that turns your cash equity into an investment in precious metals such as silver, gold, and other precious metals. Lear Capital is one of many investment firms that does this kind of investment, since gold is a rare and precious commodity it doesn’t have the same devaluation as the dollar. The same can be said for silver, diamonds, or other precious metals.

So then why should you choose Lear Capital instead one of the other many investment firms out there? I’ll tell you one reason, according to online forums the senior management which includes a senior official named Kevin DeMeritt prides themselves on offering the best customer service possible. With the slogan of “never make a customer wait”, “never make a customer wonder” the team at Lear Capital puts their customers before everything else.

By utilizing a large customer service team, the executives at Lear Capital make routine, voluntary follow up call to each customer in their database to keep track of how satisfied with they are with their experience. Customer service reps are also responsible for keeping customers informed of any changes in the market, if there is a change in the value of gold or silver, if their investment has gone up and how much interest they have earned while invested.

Mr. DeMeritt has been quoted as saying that he is constantly striving to find newer and better ways to service his clients, he is firm in the belief that customers are the firms’ most precious commodity since without investors there would be no firm and everyone there would be out of a job. Customer service representatives routinely send out customer review forms to their clients in order to get feedback on their services. This may include questions such as response time to phone calls, amount of time they are kept on hold, whether emails are answered promptly, how easy their financial statements are to understand and others.

After receiving the feedback, the reviews then go through a multi-step process so that they are actually read and discussed instead of being automatically filed away never to be seen again. If improvements need to be made in customer relations, they are made promptly. So there you have one of many reason why you should choose Lear Capital if you are looking for a firm that will take your hard-earned cash and invest it in precious metals.

As a longtime customer of various businesses I know how frustrating it can be to treated as if you are no more than a couple of numbers on a chart, just part of the ever growing mechanism of investment capitalism. So if you would prefer to be treated as a person who has their hard earned money in someone else’s hands, and who may have questions and concerns along the way then you may want to invest in a firm that actually cares about investing in your financial future. I have given you just one reason why Lear Capital is a good choice, if you want more or if you would like to know more about precious metal investment there are ample internet resources written just for you.