About This Website

When many people think about gold, they think about scams. Those that don‘t think of scams think of gold as an investment that only rich people can make. I started The Gold Rush Exchange to make a difference in the industry. Unlike many gold IRA websites, I am not trying to sell you anything.


Would You Like:

  • To learn more about retirement?
  • To prepare for anything that might happen in the future?
  • To be able to educate others?

My website is designed to do all of this. On my website, you will find all of the information you need to put the power in your hands.


Why Did I Start Gold IRA Company?

I started The Gold Rush Exchange to inform the general public about the gold investment industry. Gold IRAs are one of the most forgotten and least invested in retirement resources. From my experience, gold IRAs are the best way to secure your retirement.

I also believe that modern schools do not teach one key element, how to manage your finances. People are told to go to school, keep studying, and you will end up with a well-paying job. At no point do they well cover how to spend and/or save your money. Because of this lack of education, it is up to people like me to support the public and help with their financial well-being.


Where Do I Get My Information and Resources?

I impartially gather my information from a wide variety of resources. These resources include company websites, financial websites, financial advisors, and my personal experience. I also use resources like Yelp, The Better Business Bureau and more to gather additional opinions on various companies in the gold world. All of these various resources allow me to provide visitors with all of the information they might possibly need.


How Do I Use Your Website?

I really believe that you can‘t make a person make a decision. You have to help people to make their own decisions by providing them all of the information you can possibly find. As such, my website features articles and information packets for visitors to read. Once a visitor decides that they want to invest in gold, you can use my reviews of gold IRA companies to find the right one to invest in.


After Viewing My Website You Will Be Informed

Those who view my gold IRA website will leave with a lot of the information they want and need about retirement savings

If you have any questions I always welcome them. You can reach me through the contact page of the website.




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