Reviews of the Top Rated Gold IRA Companies


gold-ira rollover kitWhen it comes to investing in a gold IRA rollover you are going to want to cross all the tees and dot all of the I’s. You are dealing with a lot of money and you are going to want a gold IRA company you can trust to manage your account.

On this page you will find reviews of the top rated gold IRA companies. These reviews will be based on data from sites like The Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and Trustlink where these companies all had a low number of customer complaints and high ratings.

Before you scroll down this page to read the gold IRA reviews, here are some of the most important things to look for when it comes to picking the best gold IRA companies to handle your hard earned retirement funds.




RankLogoGold IRA CompanyFees/yearRatingContact
1Regal Assets


BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints
BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$1st year waivedRated 5 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 6 complaints
BCA: AAA rating, 2 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating... Read Review

$1st year waivedRated 4.5 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints
BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$UnknownRated 4.5 stars Website


BBB: A+, 0 complaints
CBA: AAA, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$unknownRated 4.5 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints
BCA: AA, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$250 flate rateRated 4 stars Website


BBB: A+, 0 complaints
BCA: AA, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$200 flat or scaledRated 4 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints
BCA: No rating
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$175 scaled rateRated 3.5 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 2 complaints
BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints
TrustLink: 4.8 star rating... Read Review

$175 scaled rateRated 3 stars Website


BBB: A+ rating, 7 complaints
BCA: AAA rating, 1 complaints
TrustLink: 4.2 star rating... Read Review

$360 scaled rateRated 3 stars Website


BBB: A+, 2 complaints
BCA: AAA, 1 complaint
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$300 flat rateRated 3 stars Website



Key Factors When Evaluating a Gold IRA Company



Trust is key when you are looking for a company that will potentially be holding a lot of your money. There are a selection of websites that you can use to gauge the trustworthiness of gold IRA companies. Here are the key places to look:

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, or simply The BBB, is a consumer protection agency that specializes in providing people with the resources to decide whether a business is trustworthy. The BBB also acts as an intermediary for some business conflict resolutions.

The Better Business Bureau rates businesses from F to A+, where F is the worst rating and A+ is the best rating. While these ratings are typically a pretty good judge, it is possible for a business to have an okay rating just because they don’t have any complaints against them.


TrustLink allows customers to rate the services of business. It uses a star rating system similar to a store. 1-star is bad while 5-stars is outstanding. Keep an eye on the number of reviews because that can show the significance of the reviews.

The Business Consumer Alliance

The Business Consumer Alliance is a great place to find out just about anything you need to know about a business. Like the BBB the BCA also helps with disputes. The rating system goes from F to AAA. AAA is the best rating and the F is the worst rating you can have.

Ask About The Fees

There are a wide variety of fees that financial institutions can come up with. Not every institution is up front about their fees. It is important that you ask about the institutions fees up front. Ask to see a full list of their fees. If they can’t provide you a full list of fees then it is probably time to go elsewhere.

Insured and Licensed

FDIC insurance helps to ensure that your gold IRA account is protected. It is rare that a company can operate a gold IRA program without FDIC insurance but there are companies out there without it. Do not trust a business without FDIC insurance with your money.

An IRS license is crucial. If a company cannot prove to you that they are IRS licensed then they aren’t an authorized custodian for gold IRAs. Do not invest with a company that does not have a license.

Buy Back Program

A buy back program is something to keep an eye out for when you are looking for a gold IRA. A company with a buy back program will help liquidate your investment when the time comes. It makes the liquidation process quicker and near pain free in most cases.

The Sales People

When picking a company for your gold IRA you should interact with the sales people. A poor interaction upfront can indicate their level of customer service should you need it. Look out for deceptive sales tactics and any sign that the sales person is redirecting your questions. You should be able to have any question about your gold IRA company answered.

Look out for pushy sales people. It is often a sign that there are problems with their business. It can also lead to them wearing you down and misguiding you into a deal that is not to your benefit. Only deal with pushy sales people if you can keep cool and are experienced.



10 Top Gold IRA Companies to Concider:


Lexi Capital

gold ira companies

Based out of North Carolina, Lexi Capital is also one of the top rated gold IRA companies on this list. The company has a high focus on transparency and complete customer service. This is a big bonus in an industry where many companies are focused on making sales, even if it involves misleading a customer. This has all come from the founders of the company, who saw how other companies were treating customers and knew that they could set out to do better.

This company does more than provide static, emailed information to its clients. Lexi Capital delivers both updated education and live information to clients regularly.

Lexi Capital’s website does not sell all of the coins that you can use in a gold IRA.

Lexi Capital’s main focus is gold IRAs, not physical gold so this is a logical decision for the company. The coins offered by Lexi Capital are:

  • The Gold American Eagle
  • The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

They also offer one ounce gold bars.

Because gold IRAs are the main focus of Lexi Capital they have partnered with SDIRA Services INC to provide easy account setups and rollovers. Forms can be filled out online or printed out and completed the traditional way. Having a partnered custodian is a big advantage as it makes processing easier.

Lexi Capital currently does not have any complaints or lawsuits and the various rating websites do not list any past complaints or lawsuits. Every rating website out there holds the company in high regards. For example, the Better Business Bureau has awarded it an A+, the highest rating they offer.

Standard Fees: A flat rate of $250 per year.

BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints

BCA: AA, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 310 S Harrington St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601, USA

Phone: 800-473-1213




Birch Gold Group
gold IRA company

The Birch Gold Group is another IRA focused gold company. They are based out of California and they consider themselves one of the best gold IRA companies around. Using personal attention the Birch Gold Group works heavily to educate their clients. They believe that more educated clients make better informed purchases but also are happier in the end. The company also deals in silver.

The Why Precious Metals section of the Birch Gold Group website provides you with information on why investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals is a good idea. They don’t just expect you to buy gold or silver but inform you as to why it is good to buy both.

While not listing their preferred gold IRA partner on their website, the Birch Gold Group will still help you set up your gold IRA. When you call the company they will walk you through the process over the phone so that you are ready to make the right decision of not just investing in gold but on who to store it with.

An A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, a five star rating on TrustLink’s website, and a five star rating from Certified Consumer Reviews all go towards making Birch Gold a good choice when it comes to Gold IRA companies. They have a total of 46 reviews on TrustLink and 18 on Certified Consumer Reviews.

Standard Fees: Not currently listed on their website.

BBB: A+, 0 complaints

CBA: AAA, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 3500 W Olive Ave #730, Burbank, California 91505, USA

Phone: 800-355-2116




Cornerstone Bullion
top gold IRA companies

Cornerstone Bullion is a Colorado based Gold IRA company that was formed by Chad Roach. He is a major financial entrepreneur who wanted to be able to use his experience to help others make money. He brings with him a lot of experience in the financial world include the areas of insurance, precious metals, pre-paid credit cards, and venture capital. All of this experience goes to make him better at handling money and metals.

The primary metal dealt with at Cornerstone Bullion is gold but they offer palladium, silver, and platinum too. Palladium and Platinum are not listed on their website though and must be ordered by the phone. Availability of both is also not listed on their website.

The website has a FAQ section which will answer most common questions that most people have when it comes to buying gold. An experienced service team also works to educate customers and answer any questions they may have after they have read through all of the resources.

The information on the Cornerstone Bullion website does not indicate any preference in gold IRA custodians. It would be a good idea to contact the company before making any purchase and asking who they normally use as a custodian. Ensuring that you have a custodian before purchasing the gold is always a good idea.

Cornerstone Bullion like all of the pervious entries on this list has a perfect score on the Better Business Bureau website. They also have a five star rating on all of the other major review websites. Through the various major business rating websites there are no complaints or lawsuits listed.

Standard Fees: A flat rate of $200 per year.

BBB: A+, 0 complaints

BCA: AA, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: No physical address found own the company website

Phone: 800-558-4671




Wholesale Direct Metals
best gold IRA companies

If you need volume discounts on precious metals Wholesale Direct Metals is a good place to go. Unlike many other websites they are a wholesale, “big box” company that focuses on selling larger amounts of precious metals to customers. This Los Angeles based gold dealer trades in a variety of certified precious metal products including: coins (numastic, minted, and certified) and investment grade metals (bullion). The company website states that despite the fact they are a wholesale bulk dealer they specialize in providing outstanding customer service.

Unlike many of the websites listed here, Wholesale Direct Metals does not do business via the internet. All of their business is done over the phone. A list of coins they sell can be found on their website but pricing and availability must be obtained via a phone call which could be a sign of the company’s trying to upsell customers.

A learning center on the Wholesale Direct Metals website provides visitors with a large amount of information on precious metals and the trading of metals. It also helps visitors stay informed on the current status of metals and trading trends.

While most websites either specialize in partnering with one gold IRA custodian or not partnering with a custodian at all, Wholesale Direct Metals does it differently. They work regularly with a handful of gold IRA custodians. This gives them the ability to help customers find the match that is right for the metals they purchase and their price ranges.

An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau belongs to Wholesale Direct Metals as would be expected of any of the top rated gold IRA companies. On TrustLink they have a five star rating based on only nine reviews. No complaints or lawsuits were found against this company.

Standard Fees: The fees depend upon the IRA custodian that you select when talking with Wholesale Direct Metals.

BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints

BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 881 Alma Real Dr, Suite 305, Pacific Palisades, California 90272

Phone: 866-873-1445

top rated gold IRA companies

The company name might sound a little cheesy but don’t let fool you. This Californian company is another one of the top gold IRA companies. Their website states that the company believes in ethics above all else. They want to create a fair trading and selling space for all of their customers. Transparency is one of the ethics that they value the most.

Instead of focusing on bullion and coins the website offers a variety of metals in a variety of forms. They offer the standard coins and bullion but also jewelry and non-IRA accepted metals. Their website also features safes and emergency preparedness products.

Like many of their competitors the website offers resources for those looking to invest in precious metals. A knowledge center is chuck full of articles on various metal investing topics. A main focus of the website is Wealth Cycles/Personal Gain Cycles. Both of these ideas are key to the operations at so they have set up a separate website to explain the principles in more detail.

The United States vault for is based in Salt Lake City. They also offer other partnered vaults around the world operated by Brinks and Guard Vaults. The fact that the company is both a gold and silver custodian with vaults operated by security companies is a very unique factor.

Despite having 2 complaints on file with the Better Business Bureau they still enjoy a rating of A+. The Business Consumer Alliance has a rating of AAA on file for despite the fact they have 6 complaints on file there. The TrustLink rating of five stars is only based off of three gold IRA company reviews though.

Standard Fees: A flat rate of $300 per year.

BBB: A+, 2 complaints

BCA: AAA, 1 complaint

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 23901 Calabasas Rd. #2009 Calabasas, California 91302, USA

Phone: 888-319-8166




Regal Assets
best gold IRA company

Regal Assets is arguably the best reviewed gold IRA company on the market and is by many investers considered to be the leader in this industry. The company that was recently ranked #20 in Inc. Magazine’s famous top 500 list has 3 local offices, their Californian office in Los Angeles, a Canadian office in Calgary and their headquarter based in Waco, Texas.

You would be hard pressed to find any top gold company list that doesn’t mention Regal Assets. Regal Assets is proud of the fact that they offer quick and easy setup for customers around the world. Using an online form you can input all of the information that is needed and create an account in a flash. The documents can even be signed digitally and the company offers guaranteed shipping of your precious metals in less than 7 days which is the by far the fastest delivery in the industry. Regal Assets is also the only company charging $0 in admin and storage fees for the first year.

The Regal Assets webpage has various resources that help you answer both typical and advanced questions. 3 free investment information kits also can help clients make an informed decision, the investment kits include:

  • A Gold IRA Kit
  • A Gold Kit
  • A Gold Investment Kit

With a five star rating on TrustLink based on over 800 reviews, a AAA rating on Business Consumer Alliance and a A+ rating from Better Business Bureau, Regal Assets is probably the safest bet when it comes to purchasing gold.

We highly recommend that you request your free gold investment kit from Regal Asssets whether or not you decide to do business with this company. Unlike many other companies who will try calling you 10 times a day, Regal Assets’ representatives will respect your privacy and the decisions you make.

Standard Fees: Flat rate fee of $250 per year and they waive your first year.

BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints

BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 5 star rating gold IRA firms & custodians reviewed

Address: 200 West Highway 6, 4th Floor, Waco, Texas 76712

Phone: 855-587-6476




Blanchard And Company, Inc.
gold IRA reviews

This Louisiana based company deals in gold, silver, and rare coins. Blanchard and Company, Inc claims to be the largest and most respected firms of its kind. They have over 85 professionals with experience working for them to serve thousands of clients both in the initial process of buying gold and on a long term basis.

Browsing their website you will find a large selection of usefull information for investors. A how-to section answers many questions and helps customers educate themselves on the various processes that are related to buying gold. Blanchard and Company also provides news from around the gold industry right on their website, along with gold trends, so that you can know about the gold market without even leaving their website.

Goldstar Trust Company is the certified IRA custodian that Blanchard and Company prefers to do work with. For over 20 years Goldstar Trust Company has been helping customers store over 1.9 billion dollars’ worth of assets. They are also highly focused on the customer experience to ensure that customers get treated in the best way possible. Blanchard and Company is also happy to deal with any other IRS certified custodian that you might want.

The A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau stands despite three complaints filed within the last three years (at the time of writing this). A AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance comes with no complaints. The TrustLink rating of 1 star appears to have been from someone who was upset about fees charged on their account/order.

Standard Fees: Unknown

BBB: A+, 2 complaints

BCA: BBB, 0 complaints

TrustLink: not listed

Address: 909 Poydras St #1900, New Orleans, Lousiana 70112, USA

Phone: 800-880-4653




Certified Gold Exchange Inc.

gold IRA review

If you are looking for the premier precious metal trading company, that is what Certified Gold Exchange, Inc labels itself ia. They are based out of Texas and deal in a wide variety of high-quality precious metals. Not all of their metal is IRA approved but they sell a good selection of IRA approved gold. The focus of CGE, as they are known in the industry, is providing positive customer interactions.

One of the benefits of Certified Gold Exchange is that they love to help their customers. They have a customer service hotline that potential customers, current customers, and past customers can call to get help. They also maintain a wide variety of guides and documents on the CGE website to help people understand investing. Here are some of the materials you can find on their website:

  • Gold and Silver IRA Kit
  • Gold and Silver Smart Moves
  • Ore-Vision Newsletter
  • Real Money Magazine

Because all of the best gold IRA companies have a preferred custodian, so does CGE. Certified Gold Exchange uses the Brinks and Delaware Depository Services as their go to custodian. If you are buying gold or silver to store at home they can also arrange home delivery.

Most of the major review and rating websites are showing a high rating for Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. They have no current complaints listed.

The Fees: $175 per year, scaled

BBB: A+ rating, 0 complaints

BCA: No rating

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 201 Main Street, Suite 610 Fort Worth, Texas 76102, USA

Phone: 800-300-0715




GoldCo Direct
gold IRA

As gold and silver IRA specialists GoldCo Direct offers a large amount of gold and silver options for investing in your IRA. They also deal in precious metals for physical possession purchases. If you want gold or silver coins, the Gold Co Direct catalog offers you a wide selection to meet your every need. Many of the coins on their website are not IRA compatible but will offer you a good range of investments.

The resources section of Gold Co Direct’s website is fairly large. You can choose from downloadable documents, a free gold investors kit, informational videos, and charts of gold’s past values. All of these resources can be incredibly valuable when it comes time to invest or to change your investments. It is always wise to be thoroughly informed. Gold Co also has a helpline that you can call if you have questions or need additional information.

The ratings on the major review and rating websites are generally good. When looking at the Better Business Bureau there are two complaints displayed but they are more than a year old.

The Fees: $175 per year, scaled

BBB: A+ rating, 2 complaints

BCA: AAA rating, 0 complaints

TrustLink: 4.8 star rating

Address: 19528 Ventura Blvd #370, Tarzana, CA 91356

Phone: 855-848-GOLD





best gold IRA

Monex is another one of the top precious metal traders in the industry. They have been around for over 40 years. Based out of California, they started to provide a better option for those looking to purchase gold after the gold confiscation of 1933. While gold may be where Monex started, they also offer silver, platinum, and palladium.

Like the other top of the line gold IRA companies, Monex offers an investors section to help people learn about the potential of gold and other precious metals. Their number one research material is text-based guides on the different options that are out there and how-to guides. They also offer videos to help you in an easy way.

One of the only lacking portions of the Monex websites is the lack of a stated preferred IRA custodian company. Chances are that the company does have a preferred partner but they don’t advertise who it is. As with any other gold company though you can select your own custodian if you so choose.

Monex has a past lawsuit noted on the major review and rating websites, along with three complaints on the Better Business Bureau. Despite the negative marks, Monex still maintains full ratings on all of the websites. On the Business Consumer Alliance website, they also have one negative review.

The Fees: $360 per year, scaled

BBB: A+ rating, 7 complaints

BCA: AAA rating, 1 complaints

TrustLink: 4.2 star rating

Address: 4910 Birch Street, Newport Beach, California 92660, USA

Phone: 800-997-7859




Reviews of companies that did not reach our top 10 list:

Gainesville Coins, Miles Franklin, Provident Metals

Rosland CapitalJM BullionKitco,  APMEX

Northwest Territorial MintUSA GoldAJPM



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Choosing a gold IRA company is a big decision. By choosing the right company you can potentially save thousands of dollars in fees every year and rest assured that your retirement funds are in safe hands.

It’s no secret that Regal Assets is our #1 recommended gold IRA company, but you might want to contact a few more companies before making your decision.

In case you don’t feel ready to invest in a gold IRA, Regal also offers a thorough gold IRA investing kit. The kit is 100% free with no obligation to do business with the company. You’ll find the gold investing kit below.



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