Reviews of the Best Rated Gold IRA Companies

This Post was updated on Friday, September 1, 2018

best gold ira companies reviewed by editorWhen it comes to investing in a gold IRA rollover you want to cross all the tees and dot all of the I’s. You are dealing with a lot of money and you are going to want a gold IRA company you can trust to manage your account.

On this page you will find reviews of the top rated gold IRA companies. These gold IRA reviews will be based on data from websites like The Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and Trustlink where these companies all had a low number of customer complaints and high ratings.

In the video below you will learn about the most important things to look for when it comes to picking the right dealer and gold IRA custodian to handle your hard earned retirement funds and how to get most value for your money...

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Best gold IRA companies and custodians reviewed


Top 10 Gold IRA Companies and Custodians Compared


RankLogoGold IRA CompanyMin. InvestmentRatingContact


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AA... Read Review

$5,000Rated 5 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
TrustLink: 5 star rating... Read Review

$10,000Rated 5 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA... Read Review

$5,000Rated 4.5 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$N/ARated 4 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$10,000Rated 4 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AA
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$5,000Rated 3.5 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AA
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$N/ARated 3.5 stars Website


Better Business Burea: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA
TrustLink: 4.8 star rating... Read Review

$N/ARated 3 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA
TrustLink: 4.2 star rating... Read Review

$N/ARated 3 stars Website


Better Business Bureau: A+
Business Consumer Alliance: AAA
TrustLink: 5 star rating ... Read Review

$5,000Rated 3 stars Website


Advantage Gold – Overall Best Gold IRA Company

top gold ira companies review

Advantage Gold is a company that specializes in gold products for Individual Retirement Accounts including 401k’s, IRA’s and TSP’s. They also help with direct delivery gold purchases as they are a listed dealer with both the United States mint and the Royal Canadian Mint.

A high amount of the company’s focus is informing customers on the various different aspects related to investing in gold. Before even needing to speak to the company, you can look through their gold IRA informational page. It contains detailed information on what a precious metal IRA is, what different options you have, and even talks to you about investments in general. At the end of the page they show some of the options for a precious metals IRA and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that gold IRA companies receive.

Advantage Gold was co-founded by Adam Baratta and Kirill Zagalsky who are the two foremost experts in the precious metals industry. Together, each of the founders brought with them a lot of experience from the financial industry and both are regularly featured in a variety of publications. They saw how volatile the standard investment options were and how little people were informed on how to invest. With Advantage Gold, they aimed to change that through a commitment to client relationships and education. In the video below you’ll see how…



At Advantage Gold, they offer gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars that are approved for self-directed IRA investments. Right on the Advantage Gold website you can quickly and easily apply to open a gold IRA or any other precious metal IRA. They suggest that you speak with one of their experienced advisors before opening an account but you can get the process underway beforehand.

With an easy to find phone number on every page of the website and a contact form, Advantage Gold puts a lot of work into their customer service efforts. They even have a free gold IRA eligibility check form that will tell you if your plan qualifies to roll over into gold .

If you are looking for more information on investing in gold and other precious metals, you can definitely find it on their blog which features market updates, retirement information, investment advice, economic news, and more. It is designed to help anyone get informed.

On the Better Business Bureau website, Advantage gold has scored an A+ rating which is the highest possible rating for gold IRA companies given out by the bureau.

Another major review service, TrustLink has Advantage Gold rated as 5 stars. This comes from 196 reviews on file. While TrustLink does not conduct in-depth background on the company itself, they do monitor reviews for authenticity and accuracy. They are also rated 9.6 out of 10 by Trustpilot- another independent review site.

top gold ira companies -best of trustlink

Finally, on the Business Consumer Alliance, Advantage Gold has a rating of AA. The BCA has no complaints listed on Advantage Gold, which is a good sign for this gold IRA company. The only factor that hurt the business’s score is the length of time that they have been in business. The company has been in operation less than three years.

Wrapping it up:

Advantage Gold is a relatively new company in the gold IRA business. Nevertheless it is already ranking high on many review sites and was nominated as the best gold IRA company in 2016 and 2017 by Trustlink with a 100% 5 star rating based on more than 200 customer reviews.

Besides all the useful resources found on their website the company also offers a thorough gold IRA ebook that is 100% free and ready to be downloaded.

Advantage Gold is definitely one of the gold IRA companies that you want to call (Phone:(310) 774-2133). Whether or not you decide to do business with the company we recommend that you download their FREE gold IRA ebook by clicking the image below.

top rated gold ira companies investiment kit

Standard Fees: Flat Fees

BBB: A+ rating

BCA: AA rating

TrustLink: 5 star rating

Address: 12100 Wilshire Blvd Suit #1450, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 774-2133




Looking for more gold IRA reviews?

Reviews of other gold IRA companies that did not reach our top 10 list:

Rosland Capital, USAGold, US Gold Bureau.


Request Your Free Gold IRA Kit

Choosing a gold IRA company is a big decision. By choosing the right company you can potentially save thousands of dollars in fees every year and rest assured that your retirement funds are in safe hands.

In 2018 we recommend Advantage Gold. With a perfect score on Trustlink, Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance it’s hard to find a company with a better reputation. Their experience and competitive pricing makes Advantage Gold the overall best choice.

In case you don’t feel ready to invest in a gold IRA, Advantage Gold also offers a thorough gold IRA investing kit. The kit is 100% free with no obligation to do business with the company.

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10 Tips for choosing gold IRA companies and Custodians

There are lots of advantages to investing in physical assets such as precious metals, so long as you work with the right company. Because of the vital importance of gold IRA companies, you want to make sure that you choose the best gold IRA company. To help you out, here are the 10 tips for choosing your company;

1. Reputation

The reputation of gold IRA custodians is of great importance, since they’ll be your main point of contact when managing your gold IRA or silver IRA . You should check their track record, level of customer service, custommer reviews, and if they are on watchdog sites such as Trustlink, Better Business Bureau, among others.

best companies

2. Storage Fees

When choosing your custodian, you should inquire about their storage fees. Be very watchful on the storage fees which they’ll charge you. Also, remember to ask if they’ll increase their storage fees in the future, or just how often they’d increase the charges on a given period.

3. Policies and Fees

It’s very important to be aware of all the policies and fees which will be applied by the company you will choose. Therefore, you should carefully read the company’s policies, and and ask for a detailed declaration of all their fees and charges you’re expected to pay. Make sure that you wont be asked for hidden charges later on.

4. Commissions

Top precious metal companies shouldn’t charge unreasonable commissions. So, make sure you shop around so as to find the company that offers the best rates; this might save you a lot of money on both commissions and storage fees.

5. Customer Support

Customer support should be a key consideration since you’ll want companies to carefully guide you when making the big financial decisions.

6. Variety of Investments

The best precious metal custodians should be able to provide you with have a variety of investments. It’s of great importance to choose a custodian who is not only experienced in precious metals, but also has the ability to combine precious metals and stocks to your IRA.

7. License

All precious metals companies are required by the law to be accredited and licensed by the IRS; therefore, you should make sure that the company you pick is properly licensed.

8. Ease of Set Up

A company should have an easy process of setting up your IRA, and should also be willing to help you fill out all of the necessary paperwork.

9. Knowledgeable and Experienced

The custodian you choose needs to have a team that’s certainly highly knowledgeable, experienced, and is able to answer any questions you have.

10. Insurance

It’s good to always work with a company that’s insured; therefore, consider choosing a custodian that has the FDIC insurance. By doing so, you’re sure that you will get your investment in case there’s any kind of calamity or disaster in the company.