Goldsilver Com is one of the many companies offering top-notch services in the dealership of silver and gold. In this gold company review we’ll have a closer look at the at services offered by, the reputation of the company, it’s prices and more..

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About the Company

It was established in 2005 and is also known as GoldSilver LLC. Although the majority of their head offices are located in Santa Monica, CA, GoldSilver mainly conducts its operations over the internet through their website.

One of the great things about this company is its ability to offer quality services to their customers. Apart from selling precious metals, GoldSilver also offers bullion investors with professional advice on how to make their investments a success.

If you have ever visited the GoldSilver website, you will realize that its mission is to achieve success in the transformation of the financial sectors by providing opportunity and prosperity to any looking to take advantage of their services.



Typically, the key determining factor to the success of any given company or organization is entirely based on its management. Mike Maloney is the owner and founder of GoldSilver. Besides being a renowned figure in the precious metal business, he is also the writer of “Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver”- one of the most acclaimed readerships in the investment world.

Apart from that, he is also the owner of several other top firms including,, and His Youtube Channel is also worth a visit.



These websites can also be easily accessed from the website. Further, throughout his career, he has also managed to support numerous investors including author Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. It is for these reasons that many bullion investors utilize these websites with a high success rate. Further, the company’s president, Brent Harmes, is also an expert in the economic field and has a bachelor’s degree in economics.


Prices, products, and services

GoldSilver prides itself as one the best bullion investment companies offering a huge array of gold and silver bars as well as jewelry. Prospective investors are provided with an in-depth guide into the precious metal investment world through their numerous guides on their websites. Further, when an investor purchases of more than $50,000 they are rewarded with free shipment across the U.S.

Like in the majority of bullion investment companies, new investors are provided with a custodian to guide them in their investment plan. Among some of the recommended investment firms in gold and silver IRAs include;

  • American Estate & Trust
  • New Direction IRA
  • Provident Trust
  • GoldStar Trust Company

Note that although the company provides investors with custodians free of charge, they are required to pay them metal storage and individual admin fees.


Using to manage IRAs

The best thing about is that investors get to comfortably manage their IRA options by themselves or through the help of their custodians. Note that does not offer IRAs, but instead offer investors with numerous IRA rollover options.

Although you might be a little disappointed if you are looking to invest in IRAs with, you will be glad to hear that there is a lot more to be enjoyed on the platform. For starters, when you choose to invest in the company, they ensure they deliver the metal to you at your secure vault.

Secondly, if you don’t have a vault, they offer depository services in numerous countries, including Toronto, Salt Lake City, Singapore, and Hong Kong. What if you want to change your investment plan, can you sell your metals back to the company? Yes, you can sell back to the company as long as you follow the sell-back conditions. Ratings on Consumer Review Sites


GoldSiver is one of the highest rated companies in the precious metals industry. It was first accredited by the BBB in 2009 and enjoyed a rating of an A+ but not accredited by the BBB any longer. Additionally, it was also rated by the BCA and was given an AAA rating. That’s not all GoldSilver was also rated by TrustLink where its website was given a small-but-maximum review rating.


Final verdict

Clearly, from the above review, there is no reason to stay away from It offers great services to both new and existing customers. Apart from its owner being one of the iconic figures in the industry, its website and customer response provide all the answers to its legitimacy. However, Proper evaluation of the Gold IRA dealer before purchase is needed.

There is no doubt the majority of the top 10 metal dealers offer exceptional to nearly perfect services. Ensure you check on their updated prices and charges, services, and their policies and agreement. Also, enquire if their storage fee is offered as a scaled charge or not.


  • Address: 909 3rd Avenue #8525, New York, NY 10150
  • Phone: 888-319-8166
  • Website:



- Founded by one of the most important voices in the precious metals industry

- Great reputation on major consumer review sites

- Huge array of gold and silver bars as well as jewelry


- Not accredited by the BBB

- GoldSilver is not a gold IRA custodian



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