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When you feel that gold may be the right investment for you, we would recommend you take some time out to read our review of Augusta Precious Metals. They have no complaints whatsoever on the BBB and BCA websites since they were opened in 2012. They offer the best combination of long-time 100% specialized experience, education, and guarantee the best pricing. That beats all the other gold IRA companies we found.

Augusta demonstrates a best-of-class commitment to customer education, service and integrity. Part of that is the fact that, unlike other companies, Augusta’s salespeople employ a no-pressure sales style, which means they don’t use fear and questionable sales tactics just to get a sale. In fact, the company even shares “15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold” to warn customers about other companies fear tactics and gimmicky techniques.

Also, Joe Montana’s personal advisors found this company independently after vetting all U.S.-based gold companies and recommended it to him. He signed up for the company’s free web conference anonymously at first, then loved the company’s mission so much he wanted to become their paid ambassador.

All of these things are probably the reasons Augusta Precious Metals has been voted “Most Trusted in the U.S.” by a top rating website in the industry, as well as “Best Of” by TrustLink for multiple years.

An insight Into Augusta Precious Metals

When you are looking for a turn-key solution when it comes to gold investments, Augusta Precious Metals is one of the few full-service companies in the precious metal investment marketplace.

The company offers a complete service for the “entire lifetime of your account,” whether you are interested in investing in silver or gold bullion, coins or bars. One of the challenges with this kind of investment can be shipping and storage. Along with the opportunity to invest in either gold or silver, Augusta Precious Metals assists you with both shipping and storage, and even talks with your custodian and storage facility on your behalf. They actually will pay for as many as 10 years in annual fees for your custodian and storage.

Augusta still offers full service when you want to make additional transactions, take disbursements, or liquidate your account as a legacy for your family. The same team you work with in the beginning is always available as a resource for you. In many ways, this is what makes Augusta Precious Metals such an attractive proposition.

A brief history of Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals has been in operation since 2012 with a 100% focus on nothing but precious metals, especially gold and silver IRAs. This is very unusual in an industry that has attracted both larger companies with other types of primary products (traditional retirement accounts, cryptocurrency, etc.) and smaller startups that just want to get in on the action with gold IRAs.

Knowing about this long-time, laser focus of Augusta gives you further assurance that you are working with a business that is successful, highly skilled in this specific type of investment, and has stood the test of time.

Augusta Precious Metals customer service

Reading the company’s website, it soon becomes apparent that this company prides itself on its commitment to flawless and personally dedicated service from beginning to end of your association with them. The team at Augusta Precious Metals clearly states their focus on helping you to protect your savings with their attention to detail, and a personalized and streamlined buying and selling process.

They do 95% of the paperwork with you, provide a smooth experience that makes opening your gold IRA quick and easy, and they say the whole team stays available as a resource for you, even after you complete your initial trade.

According to information provided by the company, Augusta Precious Metals employ experienced gold and silver agents with many years of experience in the industry. Add that know-how of the industry to the other benefits we mentioned, and investing with Augusta is starting to sound like an excellent proposition.

It goes without saying that you can expect an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise when you trust the company with your investment.

Understanding Gold IRA Investments

The focus of Augusta Precious Metals is very much on developing long-term working relationships with its clients. With Augusta, you can expect full service that is both reliable and transparent.

In this industry, a high level of personal communication and working together on a mutually beneficial basis are both important factors. You need to understand what you are about to invest in and how your investment is progressing. This is where Augusta Precious Metals excels as a resource for you. Unlike other gold IRA companies, they offer a free gold and silver web conference that shares deep information, customized to you and your questions, about the economy and how to invest in gold and silver. They say the one-on-one web conference material was designed by Augusta’s “on-staff Harvard-trained economic analyst” and the company’s education team. You can also download a free guide and get a call from an agent, so you can ask any questions that you may have.

Your own account manager

One significant factor that makes the company stand out is that you are assigned one overall account manager (“customer success agent”). This is not an industry norm but is an operating standard at Augusta Precious Metals. You will work closely together with your account manager who will introduce you to other members of the team, get answers for you, and help you to monitor your investment.

Your agent and the company’s other team members are experts in setting up gold IRAs. You can expect a high level of service when it comes to pricing, shipping, IRA processing, service, and the selection of investment assets to match your own investment goals.

The Augusta Precious Metals website

These days, a company’s website is often our first encounter with its products. That is true for Augusta Precious Metals as well.

When you explore the site, it quickly becomes apparent that the primary focus of the business is to educate its clients. The site is packed with informative and educational resources that are easy to understand, including a weekly blog and a very rich selection of videos in the video library.

A prime example is the “Gold and Silver FAQ” section of the Augusta Precious Metals website. This section makes it easy for you to find an answer to a question. You will find almost everything that you need to know when it comes to the buying process, handling, shipping, storage, and even liquidation. IRA eligible coins are also mentioned. The answers in this FAQ section show that transparency is very much an essential part of the company’s ethics.

Augusta Precious Metals’ recommended custodians

The company works together with other experts in the business to help you look after your IRA investments. You can rely on them to provide forms for rollovers from 401(k)s and other IRA accounts.

Available custodial services recommended by Augusta to make this happen:

  • Equity Trust (preferred recommendation)
  • Kingdom Trust
  • Goldstar Trust

All three firms work on a national basis and have a long track record when it comes to the management of self-directed IRAs. Augusta Precious Metals will fully assist you when it comes to coordination with your custodian.

Precious Metals Storage

Storage is often a concern when it comes to investing in metals. Thanks to Augusta’s years of experience, storage is not something you have to worry about as a client. The company’s number one recommended option is the Delaware Depository, but they work with many other prime non-government facilities throughout the United States. As with the custodian, they stand by you as a useful resource when you are dealing with your storage facility, and they help you make all the arrangements.

What About Transparency?

Yes, transparency does matter when it comes to IRA investments. This is not something you have to worry about when you choose to join forces with Augusta Precious Metals.

Prices are clearly communicated by the Augusta team and documented in your transaction paperwork. Gold and silver bullion prices are about 5% over the company’s cost (every product is different), and there are no hidden fees – in fact, there are no management fees at all for your account at Augusta. You’ll have setup and annual fees for your custodian and storage, but Augusta is willing to pay some of those for you – up to 10-years-worth.

The company even has a separate compliance department and staff that help ensure all IRS rules and other regulations and best business practices are being followed.

Augusta Precious Metals Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

The Better Business Bureau gives Augusta Precious Metals an A+ rating. The company also enjoys a 5-star rating on TrustLink (and named “Best As” for multiple years), and the Business Consumer Alliance gives them a score of AAA. The ratings are a clear indication that you are dealing with a company that consistently has a high level of performance and customer satisfaction. In fact, Augusta Precious Metals is the only company in the industry with zero complaints at the BBB and BCA!

The Final Word on Augusta Precious Metals

Ultimately, all of the points addressed here show that Augusta Precious Metals is a very reliable and transparent organization. The complete lack of complaints and their time spent in the business 100% focused on nothing but gold and silver IRAs really says it all. When a company has been in business for that length of time without complaints and so many 5-star reviews, it must have an excellent service and investment record.

You also can’t argue with the recommendation of Joe Montana’s personal financial advisors, who independently found Augusta to help him protect his retirement money. We love the story about Joe’s anonymously signing up for the company’s web conference, then ending up being their company’s ambassador. The free web conference, which was designed by their on-staff Harvard-trained economic analyst, is a very unique opportunity for investors who want to understand why Americans are investing in gold and silver and how it all fits into the national economy.

On top of all that Augusta Precious Metals is right now in July 2024 offering free storage for up to 10 years and free shipping, making this company an excellent choice. Call 855-661-4281 to learn more about these promotions!


  • Zero complaints over many years at the BBB and BCA
  • Extraordinary customer service, consistent 5- star reviews
  • On-staff Harvard-trained economic analyst and educators in a unique free web conference
  • Fast, easy and highly transparent gold IRA account opening process
  • Industry’s best, most transparent pricing -- guaranteed


  • A high minimum that won’t work for some investors

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