Why a Precious Metals Rollover is the Best Way to Secure your Retirement Savings!

This Post was updated on Tuesday, March 1, 2024

Gold IRA Rollover is a financial tool and Internet search term that’s gaining immense interest and popularity. The reasons for this are simple and obvious. First and foremost is the fact that nearly 80% of full-time American workers have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans and more than 80% of workers participate in a plan. When it comes to Fortune 500 Companies, 89% have access and 90% participate. According to the American Benefits Council, participation in these plans is as strong as it’s ever been. 

The second most important fact is that (as of 2011), more than 80% of retirement plans were 401K’s and more than 95% of them offered some type of matching contribution, which provides a great opportunity and very simple way for employees to give themselves a pay raise. Maximization of this type of participation can accelerate retirement savings, which under the right circumstances can translate into a gold IRA rollover.

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401k to Gold IRA Rollover

A Gold IRA Rollover can occur under a wide variety of conditions. Considering that the 401k is the most prevalent type of eligible retirement plan, it’s what we’ll focus on in this article. Rules pertaining to 401k plans can vary as dramatically as the companies sponsoring them, but some generally common elements include rollover opportunities when: the sponsoring company substantially modifies the plan, the sponsoring company changes the managing custodian, or the employee quits, retires, or is terminated.

It is quite normal that employees cannot rollover any portion of their 401k as long as they are still employed. However, in a fair number of plans, a still-working employee can be permitted to do an “in-service rollover” once they achieve 59½ years of age. The number or frequency of such events can vary dramatically between retirement plans. Some plans don’t permit in-service rollovers of any kind and a smaller number of plans make employees wait until achieving 70½ years of age, at which time required minimum distributions (RMD) take effect anyway.

401k plans are typically quite limited in their scope of available investment types and rarely if ever allow for investment in IRA-approved physical precious metals, consisting of

The most common investment types made available in 401k plans are a variety of funds including: equity, balanced, bond, company stock, stable value, and money funds.

Physical Gold IRA Rollovers vs “Paper gold”

Some plans do allow for investment in a limited selection of popular stocks, including in some cases precious metals ETF’s like GLD and SLV. Prices of these ETF’s are tied to the value of their precious metal, but are in no way truly comparable to the safety and security of physical precious metal ownership, which is the basis of a Gold IRA.

Stock brokers pushing such ETF’s will frequently stress the benefit of not having to pay annual storage fees (though such fees are nominal at best), although they never mention the fact that your certificate entitles you to a portion of a pie that’s continually being eaten away by fees, frequently doesn’t own enough metal for proper coverage, and most importantly can freeze in value during cataclysmic events, like dollar destabilization, a stock market crash, or a rush on the market. These are just a sampling of possibilities where investors could miss out on tremendous appreciation, simply because “they weren’t told,” but it’s in the fine print.

A Gold IRA Rollover provides the perfect opportunity to convert profits from the second-longest bull market on record, into protection for the same portfolio. And protection should be more than just a consideration in a global environment where the new U.S. administration is struggling with; dire global political threats, dire global economic threats, and a continually growing national debt that has the International Monetary Fund (IMF) seriously considering replacement of the dollar and other global reserve currencies, with a “One World” currency of their own.

These global factors combined with the debilitating effect of domestic concerns, such as political party in-fighting, Washington legislative gridlock and a growing policy tendency toward isolationism is forcing the U.S. economy into a dangerous and potentially cataclysmic environment. In a world where huge hedge funds have the ability to affect market movement within nanoseconds, it only makes sense, not only to maximize the traditional 5% – 15% physical precious metals allocation recommended by financial planners, but to actually increase it.

gold bars hold in a 401k gold IRA rollover

A Gold IRA rollover provides the perfect vehicle to transition into the safety and security of gold and other IRA-approved precious metals. Gold has been utilized and accepted as global currency for millennia. Actually, history shows that the first gold coins were struck in Lydia, a region of western Turkey today, around 600 BC. However, “unnatural” collections of gold flakes have been found in Paleolithic caves dating as far back as 40,000 BC. Gold in particular, has been so highly regarded, that its discovery or presence has literally caused the altering or in some cases the destruction of entire civilizations.

Human attraction to gold and other precious metals has certainly not waned over time. The reasons for continuing popularity are the same as they always have been: scarcity, physical characteristics, aesthetic attributes, and wealth storage.

Requirements for Home Storage IRA’s (a scam or not?)

Because a Gold IRA rollover has become such a popular topic, a variety of unscrupulous scammers have appeared promoting “home storage” IRA’s. The ads appear to make it clear, that it’s a simple process to establish a home storage IRA, providing immediate access to your precious metals account and avoiding custodial and depository fees, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Meeting the IRS requirements for such an account is difficult if not impossible for all but a very few investors. Just as an example, some of the requirements are; the trustee corporation must have a business location that is open to the public, all employees and trustees of the company must put up a $250,000 fidelity bond as corporate insurance, and the applicant must have verifiable fiduciary experience with a “reputable financial background” and prove to have had experience handling retirement funds.

There are more requirements, but suffice it to say that the promoters of such offerings of assistance assume no responsibility whatsoever for ramifications that may arise from an IRS audit. Fines and other penalties could amount to more than just substantial damage to a retirement portfolio. So carefully review this information if considering a home storage Gold IRA, rollover or otherwise.

In line with our roller coaster economic history, the potential for global and domestic economic calamity at this time is once again near a high. Some people riding this bull market have now financially returned to where they were before the 2008 collapse. As positive as it may seem, the reality essentially translates into nine wasted investment years. People who were properly leveraged with physical precious metals at the same time fared very well.

The stock market closed for a week following 9/11, but the market dropped 7.1% during the first day of trading following the market reopening and a great deal of that loss occurred within nanoseconds. Terrorist events, market panics, and too-big-to-fail bank failures are poised to become the norm as opposed to the exception. This financial landscape demands portfolio protection and if you have a qualified retirement plan then a Gold IRA rollover is the perfect vehicle.

Throughout American stock market history, global and economic uncertainty has always had a negative effect. The immediacy of today’s media facilitates a rapid response to breaking economic news. Business research studies frequently find and report that during times of economic uncertainty, investors have a greater propensity to react more quickly to “bad news” than they do to “good news.” This explains why the danger of a market rush or panic is greatest when economic times of uncertainty are overlapped by sudden negative events.

The rush to sell stocks also creates a very high lack of demand, which in turn reduces stock prices. And as we’ve already pointed out, today’s nanosecond trading technologies allow very large hedge funds to sell massive amounts of stock in practically no time at all causing potentially rapid drops in stock values.

Is Now the Right Time to Roll Over your Retirement Funds into Precious Metals?

Recent developments, particularly in North Corea, Syria and China have provided a constant reminder that the world is not operating “as usual.” Practically every day brings news of new geo-political convulsions, terrorist attacks and assorted atrocities. These events do not go unnoticed or unaffected by the markets.

Advisors watching the U.S. stock market have shared concerns for the current long-standing bull market. These concerns include, but are not limited to: weak global market growth, slow U.S. GDP growth, an aggressive Fed, over-valued stocks, and a U.S. national debt increasing at almost $50,000 per second. But again, current global forces are strong enough and sporadic enough to create sudden and potentially cataclysmic economic fallout.

It would be nice to believe that banks learned a lesson from the economic calamity of 2008 and the overwhelming danger of derrivatives, but in fact Wells Fargo, Bank of America and especially Deutsche Bank have themselves in quite perilous and overextended positions. Deutsche Bank is also under tremendous duress on a variety of fronts, which could combine to make it the first bank to crack in the next stage of the global banking crisis.

Analysts say that CitiGroup and Barclays, may not be too far behind in the race to the bottom. The biggest problem with this scenario is that many smaller banks are dependent on larger banks, like Deutsche Bank. So if Deutsche Bank fails – it won’t go down by itself – it’ll take a large swath of smaller banks with it. And to add even more insult to the injury, a Deutschebank failure could result in the complete breakdown of the already weakend European Monetary Union.

Protect your assets by increasing your position in physical precious metals and if you have the ability to rollover an old 401k, capitalize on today’s high market prices to acquire precious metals still well below the 2011 high. If you recall Econ 101, you’ll remember the golden rule, which is to buy low and sell high.

Today’s market conditions are perfectly conducive to maximizing that rule. As long as you own physical precious metals, you’re protecting your other assets, because whether you hold bullion or coins precious metals have universal value. A silver dollar isn’t just worth a dollar any more. Regardless of numismatic value, coins are always worth their weight in precious metal. With lower premiums, bars are a great value, but the premium on coins and proofs isn’t just an additional expense, like a commission or bid-ask price, a premium is a second investment that also pays dividends.


In a sense, it’s what you pay for the packaging, but you can certainly expect to recover it with interest when you sell or trade. Numismatics offer a tertiary level of investment, somewhat more speculative, but also potentially far more profitable based on increased demand. Evaluate such offers carefully, but don’t be afraid to consider it another viable option of portfolio diversification.


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401k rollover price calculator

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Gold IRA Rollover Providers

Planning for retirement is a primary concern of every investor, typically involving family livelihoods and large sums of money. So through the eyes of a customer, The Gold Rush Exchange has taken the time to do the due diligence necessary to review and rate the best gold IRA companies, comparing features, benefits, and most importantly verified customer ratings. Please use our research, because we want to hear from you. We want to know that these companies are maintaining the high standards they’ve set for the industry and the people best suited to do that are current and repeat customers.

In search of the most qualified and trusted Gold IRA rollover network providers, we highly recommend that you read our gold IRA reviews and download our FREE gold IRA Scam Hunting ebook that you’ll find below.

Gold IRA Rollover FAQ

What is a gold IRA rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is an action that is performed when you take another type of retirement account such as a 401(k) or 403(b) and move the assets into a gold IRA. Rollovers can be done under a variety of circumstances. The most common time to do a gold IRA rollover is when you leave a company and have a company-sponsored 401(k).

Can I move my 401k to gold?

Under certain circumstances, you are able to move a 401(k) to a gold IRA. The most common circumstances are when you leave a job that sponsors your 401(k), you are allowed to rollover the account into an IRA. This rollover can be done into a self-directed IRA which is used to purchase gold for a gold IRA. Another circumstance that you can rollover a 401(k) into a gold IRA is when your company changes retirement plans or the controller of the plan changes.

How do I roll my 401k into gold?

To roll your 401(k) into gold you will need to first find a gold IRA company to work with. A selection of paperwork will need to be filled out in order to complete a rollover from a 401(k). The 401(k) is first sent to a self-directed IRA where the money is used to buy gold for a gold IRA.

How do I buy gold with my 401k?

To buy gold with your 401(k) you will have to first roll over the 401(k) into a self-directed IRA. Once this has been done, the money from the self-directed IRA is used to purchase gold and the IRA becomes a gold IRA. It is helpful to work with a good gold IRA company as they will help you through the process.

Can you buy silver with your 401k?

A 401(k) can be converted into a precious metals IRA. This includes a silver IRA. A silver IRA is a great way to invest in a physical material while still having the benefits of a retirement account. It is important to note that while you are buying physical silver, it is silver that will be stored at an authorized depository.

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