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If you are looking to invest in precious metals, you might want to consider purchasing from JM Bullion. The organization prides itself as a supplier of only the highest quality physical bullion – silver and JM Boulion reviewsgold that you can have delivered directly to your door. The company is located in Dallas, Texas and has been in operation since 2011. Since then, the company has built a solid reputation among its customers as a company that delivers on quality. In fact, JM Bullion has achieved an average star rating of 4.8 stars based on over 250,000 reviews.


Gold Coins and Bars sold by JM Bullion

If you want to invest in physical gold, JM Bullion has a wide variety of gold coins and bars for you to choose from. Apart from American gold coins, the company also offers Canadian gold coins, British gold coins, Australian gold coins, European gold sovereigns, Mexican, Ukranian, Chinese and many other gold coin selections.

Gold has always been the standard by which wealth is measured and the precious metal continues to remain valuable in the eyes of investors all over the globe. For investors seeking to preserve and to protect their wealth, gold is often a great investment option. The purity of the gold offered by JM Bullion is high, oftentimes reaching a purity of as high 99.99%. For investors who are seeking greater variety in terms of price, weight and design, then gold bars may be an excellent choice.


Silver Coins and bars sold by JM Bullion

Among the list of precious metals, silver is the second-highest desirable metal after gold. JM Bullion also carries a wide variety of silver options including silver bars, silver rounds, American Silver Eagles, Apollo 11 Silver, Canadian Silver coins, Australian Silver coins, South African Krugerrands, Mexican silver Libertads, Caribbean silver coins, Chinese silver pandas and many more. They even offer biblical silver coins!

Silver is not only very affordable, but it also offers lots of diversity to an investor’s portfolio. Silver rounds, for example, have no official assigned value by a sovereign mint, are not struck by sovereign mints, and do not hold legal tender status like silver coins. Nevertheless, silver rounds are a much-coveted form of precious metal.

JM Bullion also offers limited amounts of copper and palladium.



Special deals and discounts

For great deals, they have an On Sale Now section where you can find discounts and sales that are available for limited times. Most of their sales can be had at even lower prices when you opt to perform a wire transfer or use a personal check.


The JM Bullion IRA Program

The company offers an IRA program to interested investors. JM Bullion has formed a partnership with New Direction IRA which enables the company to offer low cost IRAs that are quickly and easily established and maintained. Investors reap all the tax benefits associated with investing in IRAs. Self-directed IRAs are a great option for those investors wanting to invest in precious metal IRAs. New Direction IRA is among the largest and most trusted IRA custodians which helps to ensure that customers feel safe and secure when doing business with JM Bullion.


JM Bullion Ratings on Consumer Review Sites


JM Bullion has been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) since July 2014 and currently has an A+ rating based on over 2100 customer reviews. The BBB website reflects a mere 43 complaints during the company’s 8 years of being monitored by the BBB. The company is not rated by Trustlink, Yelp or BCA. The company has a 4.8 star average rating from Sitejabber based on over 1000 customer reviews. There have been a few reports of customer ripoffs on Ripoff Report dating back to 2017 and before. There are no recent ripoff reports.



JM Bullion is a force to be reckoned with in the precious metals market. It is among the fastest growing company in the industry nationwide and the organization has established itself as a customer favorite. Over 30,000 orders per month are processed by JM Bullion from their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The company has focused on becoming an industry leader by providing great prices and customer service. They have customer service available Monday through Saturday and their average answer time for a call is 20 seconds. That means no waiting on hold for someone to answer the call. On the other hand, the company has had its fair share of customer complaints. Nevertheless, the company has worked hard to correct any negative customer experiences and is striving to please all of its customers across the globe.


  • Address: 11700 Preston Rd STE 660153, Dallas, TX 75230-6112
  • Phone: 
  • Website:



  • High customer ratings
  • Wide variety of products
  • Highly rated IRA custodian which provides peace of mind for customers
  • Secure online platform with SSL encryption
  • Products offered online for ease of purchase and accessibility
  • Fastest growing precious metals company in the nation


  • Some customer complaints of deceptive advertising
  • Yet to be reviewed through BCA and Trustlink


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