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The name Kitco is a shorter form of the full name Kitco Metals Inc. They consider themselves a leader in the retail gold industry. The whole company was started by a college student who wanted to test his business skills and learning. In the 1970’s, using a $700 loan, Bart Kitner started Kitco and it quickly took off. Back then, the company would purchase scrap metals from jewelers in Canada; they would then refine it and resell to big companies. Since then it has growing to provide international sales and information on gold.

Kitco Metals has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. There are also more company offices in New York and Hong Kong for investors that like to handle their business one on one. Today the company is primarily known for the trading of precious metals. Kitco Metals also runs a separate business news website for investors and provides jeweler resources.

Kitco Precious Metals News

Before getting down to business, any savvy precious metals investor will first set out to hunt for relevant information. It makes things easier if your gold broker feeds you all precious metal news you need in one platform. Kitco Metals scores well here because they run a website dedicated to precious metals market news and reporting. is where the coverage happens. You can get live gold prices before you make a move in the market. You can also analyze past data on the Charts & Data section of this news website. That might help you make an informed decision.

The Markets section of the website is all-encompassing, touching on all business news. Here there are live feeds of the Dow, NASDAQ, and other bourses. You can also delve into mining information about gold and other precious metals if you want. If you have an attraction to digital wealth, there is also sorts of cryptocurrencies news and investment wisdom on the site as well.

The Kitco Metals news website also carries commentaries, exclusive business features, and shows. This company has a colorful profile of commentators and analysts that are also regularly featured on Bloomberg, CNN and other major news networks.

The best part of this website, one can say, is the ”All Metals Quotes” section. This part lists the prices and market performance of gold and other precious metals. That could enable you to trade with confidence since all costs are showcased with utmost transparency.

Gold IRA Information and Assistance

The company’s main trading website ( carries extra investment information for retirement account holders. The gold self-directed IRA page elaborately details how to get a self-directed IRA account. Kitco Metals is not a gold IRA custodian itself, but it works with partner custodians including:

  • GoldStar Trust Company
  • Equity Institutional
  • NuView IRA, Inc.
  • Sunwest Trust
  • The Kingdom Trust Company
  • Next Generation Trust Services

Investors can select from this diverse list of IRA custodians to work with—and that can be a good thing since you get to choose a custodian with the most favorable terms.

The company helps customers do IRA rollovers backed by these custodians. The employees are supposedly well trained in IRA precious metals and so you can confidently diversify your IRA portfolio with Kitco Metals Inc.

Their website also explains the benefits of a self-directed IRA account, and why you need to diversify your investments with gold. To new investors, this information is gold and can be very vital to the health of your financial future.

Kitco Metals Special Offerings

IRA -eligible products are usually slightly different from the regular gold, silver and platinum bullions, among others. It’s a good thing that Kitco Metals lists on their site the IRA accepted precious metals. These include:


  • 1 oz of Gold American Eagle coins
  • 1 oz of Gold American Buffalo coins
  • 1 oz of Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Gold bars from the various recognized refiners


  • 1 oz of Silver American Eagle coins
  • 1 oz of the silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • 10 oz of the Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar
  • 100 oz of the Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar
  • Silver bars from different recognized refiners including the Sunshine Mint bars


  • 1 oz of the Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Platinum bars from different reputable refiners


  • 1 oz of the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  • Palladium bars from different recognized refiners

The company trades in these and many other products. They promise streamlined procedures and quick services to all customers.

Other perks of trading with Kitco Metals include:

  1. Special volume discounts on some purchases
  2. Products are delivered fast to your account (within five business days)
  3. The company has an industry reputation for quality and experience

Selling to Kitco Metals

Unlike other gold IRA companies that don’t buy back when you wish to liquidate your precious metal investments, Kitco Metals does accept sell orders. They usually purchase gold coins, silver bars, and some of the other precious metals listed earlier. The beauty of trading with this broker is that prices are in the open on the price charts, so there will be no underhanded deals.

Customer service

The company has teams of IRA specialists that can help you with your orders. The process of buying and selling is allegedly fast. The website has clear contact information of customer service representatives. Self-care is also enabled with Kitco Metals account, allowing customers to check their account status and autonomously initiate purchase/sale orders.

Kitco Metals Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Conclusion: Is Kitco Metals a legit IRA gold broker?

Yes, going by the above information, this company might be a worthwhile gold broker for retirement investors. Their customer service is reliable, their information and transparency are notable, and their range of products is diverse. However, at the time of writing this you can take advantage of an amazing deal by Hartford Gold Group and get Price Match Guarantee, 100% FREE IRA Rollover and Free Silver.

Make sure to give them a call now on 866-429-4408 before the end of April 2024 or click here to read more about this special deal and why Bill O’Reilly is recommending them.


- Great online resource for precious metals investing

- More than 3 decades in business

- Low prices


- No engagement with Business Consumer Alliance & TrustLink

- Ratings below average on Consumer Protection Agency sites

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