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Are you thinking about whether or not you should invest in gold? As the name suggests, the Goldisabetterway website is chock full of up-to-date, valuable information that will guide potential and current investors on how and why to invest in gold. The website is geared to helping investors obtain a better understanding of the gold market and will challenge their perspective on financial assets and the financial markets. In addition to the online information, potential investors have access to the highly informative “Gold is a Better Way” book which lays out in details everything a gold investor needs to know to invest in gold successfully. The book is free for all those who sign up for a free account.


“Gold is a Better Way” was written by best-selling author, Adam Baratta, who is also the co-founder of Advantage Gold; the top-rated gold IRA company in the United States of America. Adam’s main purpose for writing this book was to clear up some of the many misconceptions that investors have about the financial markets and how they work. He believes that Wall Street has been guilty of creating some amount of confusion among investors about how the financial markets really work and what makes for a sound investment strategy. In the book, he informs readers about the many virtues of gold and why it should be considered as a top investment option for investors seeking more stable investment options. Baratta brings years of investment experience to the table and has helped thousands of investors to ramp up their investment strategies. In his book, he tells investors why he believes that gold will hit the $10,000 mark within the next 10 years.

During the last 86 years, gold has been used twice to stimulate economic growth. One of these times was in 1971 when President Nixon closed the gold window which led to the 30 times devaluation of the US dollar. Today, current President Donald Trump believes that a weaker dollar would be in the best interest of the economy. If the Federal reserve were to mark gold to market, it could result in gold doubling or even tripling in a very short period of time! On the Gold is a Better Way website, investors have access to the Full Faith and Credit Special Report which explains how President Donald Trump could possibly use gold to grow the US economy.

As investors, some of the most valuable analysis tools are indicators. The Gold is a Better Way website gives users access to several different indicators to aide in their investment decision making strategies. The indicators available include the Warren Buffet indicator, the Cape P/E ratio, the Debt to GDP ratio, the future price of gold predictor, and the 5 minutes massive value indicator. For long term buy and hold investors like Warren Buffet, the Warren Buffet indicator uses the Market Cap to GDP ratio as a good estimate of stock valuations. These figures will help investors to make the best possible investment decisions using the information they have on hand. The Warren Buffet indicator calculator that is available on the website, allows investors to determine whether stocks are currently undervalued, overvalued or fairly priced. All the other indicators help investors to calculate certain key figures, which they could use to form their investment strategy.

If you are an investor who is visual and who likes to gain information through videos, the Gold is a Better Way website is just the website you need to forge ahead. Investors can find videos on a wide range of investment topics all designed to improve your investment game. In addition to videos, the website also offers a workbook as well as the ability to compare several different investment instruments and markets. For example, investors are able to compare the performance of gold with the performance of the S&P 500 over a specific period of time. Users are also able to track the performance of gold over several years. For investors who like feedback on how their investment decisions are benefiting them, the website also offers a report card which provides real time updates on how the investment landscape has changed since they became a website member. Visit the Gold is a Better Way website today and find out if gold really is the better way?

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