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In this review of Swiss America we are going to take a look at the company’s offerings and compared to the industry how they rank, we will also take a look at what they do well and where the company struggles, but first a quick history lesson. Founded 1982 by Craig R. Smith, Swiss America is a precious metals brokerage, and is one of the most well-known firms in the industry. Despite their home location of Phoenix AZ. they work with clients all over the globe, with a goal to build strong portfolios of US gold and silver, along with educating their clients on the benefits. Swiss America’s focuses on diversifying at least a small portion of assets into U.S. gold and silver for four reasons, liquidity, safety, growth potential and privacy of ownership.

Products offered by Swiss America

In our review of Swiss America we took a look at their product offerings, their focus is helping to establish precious metal IRAs and provides support to their retails customers to offer gold, silver, and platinum coins. In addition to the traditional coins, they also sell numismatic coins and rare gold coins. They are focused on educating their clients, and offer top of the line customer service, “If we made a mistake, we correct it promptly and properly.” Is their motto, and when you speak with a customer service or sales rep, they really do make you feel valued and taken care of. If a client does have a complaint or issue, they escalate the client to a VP to resolve the concerns.

As a broker, Swiss America does provide assistance and transparency between brokers and dealers, to help secure reasonable and fair prices. Additional services they offer include live spot rates for precious metals, and resolving problems or disputes for clients by directly communicating with the Numismatic Consumer Alliance who is responsible for ensuring fair and legal transactions for buyers of precious metals.

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The Swiss America Website

Also inspecting the company website for Swiss America in our review, the webpage’s look and feel is outdated, but never the less, the homepage is simple and well designed. It is easy to navigate, with no pop-up banners, no flashing advertisements, to distract the user. They provide testimonials, recent news and market trends, as well as reviews about both satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

Educational Materials

The educational materials on the site, offer recent news and viewpoints about the current market sediment for precious metals, and a knowledge based material to help educate clients about the benefits, risks, and general “need to know” about investing in gold. In addition to a website they host a Facebook page, Twitter, and own a YouTube channel, where they commonly provide updates and videos for the clients and public for free.

Swiss America Customer Reviews

The last leg of the review focused on past client experiences and sediments, and while no company can satisfy 100% of their clients 100% of the time, there were a few trends identified in the reviews. Among the positive reviews knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy where among the most common responses given by clients.

Many reviews focused on specific broker reps who helped guide the client step by step through the process, which can be helpful for first time purchasers of precious metals. With that said, not all the reviews were positive as several clients reviled negative experiences about the company. The negative feedback that was most common was issues around cost of the coins purchase. Many complaints focused on how the client felt they over paid for their coins, and when they went to sell back their precious metals they lost their appreciation value due to the large bid ask spread offered by Swiss America.


The Swiss America Trading Company is a well-established firm with a history of serving clients, and helping create a piece of mind through diversification. Through coin offerings and Platinum IRA’s, Swiss America is focused on helping clients and providing the best customer service. They stand by the quality of their precious metals and offer buyers a buy back guarantee if unsatisfied. While every business will have its negative publicity, Swiss America strives to ensure their client is educated and informed before making decision, and are satisfied with their experience.

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  • Educating clients
  • Great customer service
  • Buy back guarantee


  • No engagement with the TrustLink consumer advocacy site

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