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When the market starts to get rocky or people predict problems in the financial world, investors seek out reliable and stable investments. They want to protect their money. Precious metals such as gold and silver are often looked to in these times as they have a history of being reliable. When investing in gold you have a variety of options.

One of the options you will hear mentioned from a good number of investors is Birch Gold Group, or simply Birch Gold. The group has earned its name in the precious metals world. Today we are going to take a look at the company.

About Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group sells gold to individuals who are both looking to invest in gold by itself and those who are looking to set up a gold IRA. In addition to gold, they offer a number of other precious metals. When you work with Birch Gold Group you can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Birch Gold Group opened their doors in 2003 and now serve over 10,000 customers from the United States. The company is comprised of people from all aspects of the financial world. The majority of the workers have spent time working with the larger institutions on Wall Street.

The headquarters for the company is in Burbank, California but can work with clients anywhere in the United States.


Services At Birch Gold Group

Two main services can be found at Birch Gold Group. Precious metals and storage services.

Precious Metals: Precious metals are physical metals that are rare in the Earth. We already covered that the company sells gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. These can be found in rounds or bullion. Gold and silver are the most popular options but the other two metals do have situations where they perform well.

Storage Services: A gold IRA or other precious metal IRA needs to be stored in a regulated depository that is approved by the federal government for such purposes. Birch Gold Group works with big name depositories such as Brink’s Global Services. You can select to have your metals stored at any of the storage services that Birch Gold Group is partnered with.


Great Features at Birch Gold Group:

User-Friendly Wesite Design: Websites vary in complexity and no one likes a website that is hard to navigate. The Birch Gold Group was designed to be easy to use and have everything that a user might need in a logical location.

Free Information Kit: Informed customers are good customers. They don’t want to make returns and they don’t regret purchases. Birch Gold Group has a free information kit on gold and gold investments to help you make your decision. Click the image below to access it.

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Great Customer Service Team: What really makes a company shine is their customer service. Having someone in place to ask questions to and to fix problems. Birch Gold Group hires experts that know their stuff, and when they don’t know, they have the tools to figure it out.

Taking a look at Birch Gold Group on a number of review sites will reveal that they are one of the best reviewed companies in the industry. They are over 4.9 stars on the Better Business Bureau directory.


Prices at Birch Gold Group

Gold prices fluctuate regularly and Birch Gold Group keeps up with those fluctuations with some of the best prices in the industry. The wire transfer fee is only $30 and the account creation fee is $50. Setting up a gold IRA comes with other fees though.

Any transfers involving your account in the first year are free as long as they are over $50,000.

For storage you will pay $100 a year, that price includes insurance on your investment. An additional $80 fee covers account maintenance. Unlike other companies, Birch Gold Group doesn’t charge you a percentage of your account, that $180s in fees is set.

The minimum opening investment is $10,000. This is high for some individuals and turns some investors away. You can rollover part or all of another retirement account though in order to protect your money and meet the minimum investment.


How Birch Gold Group Stands Out

Impressive Endorsement: Endorsements have been made from a number of public figures told Birch Gold Group. The most well-known of them being Ben Shapiro. Newt Gingrich and Steven Bannon also endorse the company. Together the endorsers work to ensure the company has informed customers, in addition to attracting customers in the first place.

News You Can Rely On: One of the initiatives at Birch Gold Group is to provide cutting edge news. Birch Gold provides news on the financial world as soon as they can, and with their stake in the investment world, they are a news source that you can trust.

Insights From Leaders: A number of industry leaders and experts provide insights on the Birch Gold Group website. Clients and potential clients are able to learn and get investing tips from those who lead the way in the financial world. These insights help you to also understand the politics that are involved in the financial world.

Buy Back Service: One of the worst things to have to worry about is selling your gold when it comes time to liquidate. Birch Gold Group makes that process easy by offering a gold buy back service. The prices are matched with market rates.

Industry Experts: Birch Gold Group doesn’t just offer advice and news from industry experts, they employ them too. Those who work at the company are professionals at what they do and as such offer you the best services possible.


Birch Gold Group Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

You will find some complaints on Birch Gold Group when you explore the internet but that is normal for any company. You are bound to get complaints when you have been open for almost two decades. The track record at Birch Gold Group speaks for itself, it is a legit company and clients love their services. Complaints opened on consumer sites are settled quickly and fairly.


Should You Invest with Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group is a great site to get solid industry news. The information they have in relation to precious metals is some of the best out there. Not to mention the fact that it is constantly expanding.

Not only that, it is a great place to turn if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio with the help of experts. No matter what stage of investing you are in, they have staff there to help you.

Birch Gold Group is a great option for a wide range of investors but especially for those who are looking for a trusted helping hand.

You do have other options for investing in precious metals on the market. We recommend that you take a look at the options and find the one that is right for you. Each company brings with it, its own benefits and that means different companies work for different people. However, we believe Birch Gold Group is one of the top 3 gold IRA companies and right now you can give them a call on 1-888-389-4464 before the end of May 2024 to take advantage of the “$10,000 Free Precious Metals Promotion” if you qualify?


- More than 15 years in business

- Great expertise in precious metal IRA accounts

- Overall high ratings on consumer review sites


- For US Customers only

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This review of Birch Gold Group was updated on Monday, May 1, 2024

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