Patriot Gold Group Review

patriot gold group review

In the current digital world, investing in the precious metal industry can be one of the most lucrative business ventures. It is mainly due to its ability to invest in metals capable of retaining its value even after a long period of time. Although all it takes is to choose an investment company and open an account, finding the right company can be a daunting task. Regardless, if you conduct proper research before deciding to invest, it is possible to find the ideal company for your needs.

About the Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold is an accredited precious metal company based in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1986. Three decades later, its main focus is on precious metal IRAs. Patriot Gold Group offers numerous metals, including silver, gold, platinum and many more. Also known as Halt Group LLC, Patriot Gold Group works with their client’s IRA custodian to help them make a successful investment.

If you have tried researching the precious metal business, you will realize that there are quite a huge number of companies offering these services. Although the majority of these companies are legit, there are several out there with bad reputation and poor customer service. Regardless, with the Patriot Gold Group, you don’t have to worry either about the hassle of looking for another investment company, a custodian or a shipping company. They ensure you get everything in one place.


Jack Hanney, the CEO, and two other senior executives are the brainstorms behind one of the largest retail precious metal firms in the world. The two senior partners recognized the need to work directly with their customers and, therefore, decided to forego their corner offices and utilize the cubicles on the trading floor to work directly with their customers. Since then, Jack Hanney and his partners have not only managed to successfully run the business for 3 decades but also ensured it gains the top position as one of the best precious metal companies.

Products and services offered by Patriot Gold Group

When a client joins the Patriot Gold Group, they are provided with a myriad of investment options. They can either invest in gold coins, silver, bars, palladium, or IRAs. Nonetheless, it is also imperative for individuals to note that the Patriot Gold Group does not operate as an IRA custodian but works with their client’s IRA custodian to supply them with their desired metals. Although there isn’t much information on their website about the IRAs offered, it is quite easy to contact their customer support to get an in-depth insight into their IRAs.

How about the fees?

Also, just like the IRAs offered, their fees aren’t quite clear on their website. Note that it is advisable to ensure you get an idea of the fees offered on IRAs before making an investment decision. It is because the majority of the rip-offs are in the form of “hidden fees.” Some of these companies will provide you with enticing offers only to find out that some fees have not been listed.

Investing with Patriot Gold Group

Once you have a self-directed IRA account, all you are required to do is contact a representative that will direct you on how to transfer funds to your account. Notably, the Patriot Gold Group operates as a full-service firm and, therefore, you do not need to present yourself at the firm. You can make a quick call and have your funds transferred. The account should be ready in 48 hours.

Besides, all clients at the Patriot Gold Group are entitled to several privileges, including choosing a custodian who will assist them in setting up an IRA or rolling over any eligible IRAs. After the client has made payments and an account has been established and funded, they are free to conduct all their trading activities at the Patriot Gold Group. Additionally, it is also imperative for individuals to note that the higher the speed being used by the IRA custodians to transfer funds, the better the purchase timeline.

Review, ratings, and customer response for Patriot Gold Group

If you are researching a company or organisation over the internet, the smartest option is to check out the customer reviews before making an investment decision. It is fundamental in ensuring you get an idea of what other customers think about the company.

Final thoughts and verdict

Based on the above review of the Patriot Gold Group, there is no doubt that it is a legit and trustworthy precious metal company. What’s more, it has also managed to attract good reviews on customer care service as well as high ratings on consumer protection agencies such as Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot. Further, although its website does not provide much information on IRAs, they have managed to build a good reputation. However, at the time of writing this you can take advantage of an amazing deal by The American Hartford Gold Group and get Price Match Guarantee, 100% FREE IRA Rollover and Free Silver. Make sure to give them a call now on 866-429-4408 before the end of May 2024 or click here to read more about this special deal and why Bill O’Reilly is recommending them.


- More than three decades in business

- Very fast rollover/account setup

- Overall good reputation on consumer review sites


- Fees aren’t quite clear on the Patriot Gold Group website

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