American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is an increasingly trusted bullion product, serving as both an inflation hedge and long-term store of value. Featuring an iconic American coin design as its basis, it pays homage to classic U.S. coins while protecting against inflation.

The coin’s obverse depicts an American Buffalo, inspired by James Earle Fraser’s iconic Buffalo Nickel design from 1913. Additionally, this face of the coin displays “Liberty” and the year of minting.

Price per Ounce

The 1 oz American Gold Buffalo coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins, beloved by both collectors and investors for its distinctive design and exceptional purity. Additionally, gold’s price usually moves inversely with inflationary trends so holding this precious metal may provide protection from inflationary woes.

James Earle Fraser’s iconic design from his Buffalo Nickel coins from 1913-1938 can be found on this coin’s obverse, depicting a noble Native American featuring features drawn from sketches of three American Indian tribe chiefs (Two Moons from Cheyenne tribe, Big Tree from Kiowa tribe, and Iron Tail from Lakota Sioux tribe) on its reverse. Additionally, its motto “LIBERTY” and year of mintage can also be found there.

This coin has a face value of $50 and is legal tender, having been produced to meet US Mint specifications. Containing 1 troy ounce of 24k,.9999 pure gold, it provides collectors and investors alike an ideal investment option with both high collectible value and face value guaranteed by the government.

Price per Gram

The American Buffalo Gold coin, first released by the United States Mint in 2006 and modeled on James Earle Fraser’s legendary design for the Buffalo Nickel (1913 – 1938), has quickly become one of the most beloved collectibles and investment options among collectors and investors. On its obverse is featured an image of an Indian chief from James Earle Fraser’s 1913 to 1938 Buffalo Nickel production run, while its reverse side depicts Black Diamond from New York City Central Park Zoo as its bison character.

The US government guarantees both its face value of $50 and legal tender status of this coin, making it one of the most trusted bullion coins available worldwide. Thanks to its high precious metal content, classic design, and robust backing from government institutions, this coin stands out among others in its class as an internationally liquid, portable store of value with significant domestic and global financial risks mitigation potential. Burnished and proof versions provide buyers with additional purchase options.

Price per Milligram

The 1 oz Gold American Buffalo coin was released for public sale in 2006 to meet investor demand for 24 karat gold bullion investments. It features James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head Nickel design – often called “Buffalo Nickel,” on its obverse, while its reverse side depicts an American bison standing on a dirt mound, inspired by Black Diamond, who lived at New York City’s Central Park Zoo during 1913 when Fraser created the Indian Head Nickel design. Engraved on top is $50 while weight content and purity information can be found underneath.

These coins are distributed through an authorized network of dealers that purchase them directly from the U.S. Mint and sell them at retail or directly to bullion dealers or directly to individuals at pricing based on current market gold price plus a small premium to cover dealer costs; additionally they may qualify for inclusion into Precious Metals IRAs.

Price per Millimeter

The 1 oz American Gold Buffalo was produced as the inaugural 24-karat bullion coin from the United States Mint and quickly gained in popularity among investors and collectors due to its beautiful design and.9999 purity of gold bullion purity. Minted both burnished and proof finishes and sold at a premium over current gold spot price worldwide, these coins remain sought-after today.

James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head or “Buffalo Nickel” design first featured on America’s five-cent coin from 1913-1938 and features the profile of a Native American chief from three tribes – Big Tree of Kiowa, Iron Tail from Oglala Lakota, and Two Moons from Cheyenne – alongside its hallmark inscription “LIBERTY and year of mintage.

The reverse side features a full body left profile of an American bison designed in honor of Black Diamond, an iconic bison from New York City’s Central Park Zoo during the early 1900s. Additionally, traditional mottos “In God We Trust” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” appear. Burnished and proof versions are both available, each boasting its own special design to appeal to different tastes within numismatics.

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