American Buffalo Gold Coins

American Buffalo gold coins offer investors looking to diversify their precious metals portfolio an excellent option. Minted in limited numbers, these bullion coins may grow in value over time.

The coin’s iconic design, inspired by that of the historic Buffalo Nickel, holds both historical and artistic value; this trait also differentiates it from its peers.


Gold has long been considered an asset that investors can rely on as an anchor during times of economic or market instability. American Buffalo gold coins come with the full faith and credit of the US government, providing investors with peace of mind when purchasing them.

The coin’s obverse side features the iconic Native American head design created by James Earle Fraser, while its reverse depicts an image of an American bison as an icon of the American West. Fraser studied life models of Indian Chiefs Iron Tail, Two Moons and Big Tree to craft this lovely yet proud design for the coin’s obverse side.

The United States Mint limits the production of American Buffalo gold bullion coins each year, adding to their rarity and increasing their potential investment potential over time. They are legal tender in the U.S. market and thus make for easy trading between individuals; this feature sets them apart from other forms of gold bullion that do not feature face values.


Gold has long been a store of value, holding onto its purchasing power for centuries. Additionally, its low correlation with other assets makes it a reliable portfolio hedge against market risk – and American Buffalo gold coins are an especially popular choice among investors due to being eligible for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Introduced for circulation in 2006, the American Buffalo gold bullion coin features a design inspired by its five-cent Buffalo Nickel predecessor. Crafted by James Earle Fraser – an apprentice of famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens – its obverse depicts a Native American profile while its reverse depicts Black Diamond from New York City’s Central Park Zoo as depicted on Black Diamond itself.

The 1 oz Gold American Buffalo coin, produced by the United States Mint and guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of pure.9999 fine gold, carries legal tender status and comes backed by full faith and credit of our government, giving investors peace of mind when investing.


Gold bullion coins such as the American Buffalo are an affordable way to diversify your portfolio with precious metals. Their price is determined by both their gold content and any premiums charged by dealers; and because bullion is such an established form of currency, its value tends to remain intact over time.

The American Buffalo gold coin made its debut as the inaugural 24-karat bullion coin from the United States Mint in 2006. With its iconic design that honors Native American heritage and Western frontier motifs, its launch garnered significant buzz. James Earle Fraser designed its obverse to represent three real-life Native American Chieftains: Iron Tail, Two Moons and Big Tree.

The American Buffalo is the only US bullion coin to contain pure gold at.9999 fineness, making it an invaluable and attractive asset for investors and collectors. Achieve maximum impact when adding one graded by NGC or PCGS into your collection!


The American Buffalo gold coin is an exquisite bullion piece that honors Native American heritage and Western United States landscape. Numismatists treasure these coins, with their high purity and artistic design making them highly prized additions to any precious metal portfolio.

The coin features three Native American chiefs on its obverse side and their intricate details create an eye-catching image, serving as a lasting reminder of their strength in America. On its reverse side is an American bison inspired by Black Diamond of New York’s Central Park Zoo; along with traditional inscriptions “LIBERTY” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” Additionally, weight, purity and face value information is displayed here as well.

When investing in precious metals, it’s essential to be mindful of local tax laws. Particularly, capital gains taxes could apply if selling before certain dates pass.

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