American Equity Annuity

American Equity Annuity offers three different kinds of annuities: fixed index annuities, traditional fixed annuities and immediate annuities. Their annuities offer guaranteed rate of growth and lifetime income payments.

Individuals can customize annuities to meet their financial goals and risk preferences, protecting against market volatility while offering tax advantages.

Guaranteed income for life

American equity annuities provide you with a guaranteed stream of income during retirement that is protected from market fluctuations, giving you peace of mind knowing you will receive consistent streams of money each month. There are both fixed and indexed options, each having different advantages and drawbacks; your financial professional can assist in selecting which is appropriate for you.

American Equity offers two kinds of immediate annuities: fixed and indexed. Both allow you to begin receiving payments within 12 months after making your lump sum payment, with their indexed annuities providing both safety and potential upside from stock market indexing.

The SG Global Sentiment Index (“Index”) is owned and licensed for use by SG Americas Securities LLC and/or its affiliates and licensed for use with American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company fixed indexed annuities. None of the Index Parties or S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC will be held liable for any losses or damages related to Fixed Indexed Annuities issued from American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company.

Tax-deferred growth

American equity annuities offer various options that enable you to expand your savings and create a dependable source of income. They provide potential tax-deferred growth with guaranteed rates of return – such as index-linked options to protect from market volatility; lifetime income benefit riders also exist to provide a secure source of lifelong income.

American equity annuities stand out as being ideal investments due to their excellent customer service. Offering competitive rates and the assurance that you can talk directly with a live person during business hours is just one perk of being an annuity subscriber; payment methods tailored specifically for you, no fees for early withdrawals – meaning your money is safe while helping prepare you for retirement or taking care of family. It is also an effective way to set aside savings and support your loved ones during retirement!

Flexible withdrawal options

American equity annuities provide several options for withdrawing your funds, including lump-sum withdrawals and annuity payments based on a percentage of contract value. Some withdrawal options even allow for interest earnings on funds taken out; however, you should carefully consider any fees charged by American equity before making withdrawal decisions.

This company provides multiple annuities that are broken down into distinct series based on their benefits, so you can select those which best suit your goals. Furthermore, their customer service team is always ready to assist should any queries arise.

AM Best, Fitch and S&P have given this company’s annuities an A- rating, while they also provide immediate annuities that start paying out income immediately after making a single-premium payment. These immediate annuities provide a guaranteed stream of income over life or set number of years – perfect for retirees seeking steady sources of income during retirement.

High fees

American equity annuities provide investors with numerous benefits, such as providing guaranteed income for life and flexible withdrawal options. Unfortunately, however, they can also be complex products with high fees attached – in order to find an annuity suitable to your financial goals, make sure all options have been considered thoroughly and request a quote from an authorized professional.

AM Best has granted our company an A- rating, which indicates they possess sufficient funds to fulfill policyholder obligations as well as outstanding customer service.

AssetShield 10 fixed indexed annuity is one of their most popular offerings, featuring fixed index annuities, variable annuities and deferred annuities with rate integrity riders that protect participation and cap rates within contracts. You can choose among four index-based accounts when making initial payments – giving you maximum control of how you allocate payments across accounts and when selecting how much should go where. Plus it comes with rate integrity riders to safeguard contract participation rates!

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