IRA Approved Precious Metals

IRAs are a great way to plan for retirement, the term IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account. These accounts are a great option because they are tax deferred which means that you don’t pay tax until you withdraw your money. Traditional IRAs are funded by your income before tax is taken out, reducing your income tax liability. Depending on what other IRAs you use there can be other tax benefits.


Many people invest IRA funds in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or index funds. These are great options when the market is good but if something were to happen you are left with an investment that is closely tied to the value of the dollar. This means if the value of the dollar goes down so does the value of your investments. If the market crashes, your investment is no longer secure.

If you want to have your retirement more secure and safe consider investing your IRA in previous metal. You can invest in a variety of precious metals for your Individual Retirement Account. The metals accepted for IRA programs are: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Individual Retirement Accounts are the only source of precious metal retirement plans at most financial institutions and they are the best option because they are federally regulated which means that there is less to worry about.

Gold is the most popular precious metal to invest your IRA in. This is because gold is the most valuable precious metal you can invest in. There are a good variety of options that you can invest in when it comes to gold. The standard options are gold bullion and gold coins. Bullion and coins do not need to have come from the United States but often financial institutions will limit the types of coins and gold they will accept. Some IRA providers claim that they offer plans with which you can invest in scrap gold but these are rare.

Silver is another one of the options for investment in a precious metal IRA. It is a popular option for people who do not have vast amounts of money to invest with. Silver is cheaper than the other options so you can invest in more silver right off the bat. Bigger financial institutions will allow investing in bullion bars and a smaller variety of coins than gold. Similar to gold, silver scraps are sometimes offered by smaller companies.

Platinum is up next. When it comes to platinum you can invest in either bullion or a couple of different coins with most companies. There aren’t any companies that offer platinum scrap IRA investments.

Palladium is the last option for a precious metal IRA. Palladium is a rare option for investment in metals. There are only two options when it comes to picking a type of palladium to invest in. You can invest in bullion or one type of coin.

If you want an alternative to investing in actual precious metals you can invest in securities for companies that produce precious metals. Like with actual metal, investing in the securities of a gold company is the most common method. You can invest in the securities for a wide variety of different precious metal companies. This is done via mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

Remember when you make any investment it is a good idea to keep diversity. Investing all of your money in one source means that you run the risk of losing everything if something were to go wrong. By splitting up investments into two or more sources you will always have a second source of investment if one goes wrong.

Investing in an approved precious metal IRA is a great option for many people. It used to be that advisors would say only invest in gold if you have a lot of money. Times have changed. Many financial investors are concerned that with the turbulence in the world market that there will be problems with stock markets and currencies. Precious metals will always have a value, in fact, the value of precious metals is at its best when the market is the most turbulent.

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