Are Silver Krugerrands IRA Eligible?

Are silver Krugerrands IRA eligible

Silver can provide your retirement portfolio with diversification and provide a steady source of income. When selecting a dealer to ensure you purchase high-quality silver that complies with IRS regulations.

Precious metals must meet strict purity requirements set by the IRS in order to qualify as eligible IRA investments. Here we discuss minimum fineness requirements as well as popular coins approved for an IRA account.


The Silver Krugerrand coin is a favorite choice among investors looking to expand their precious metals portfolio with bullion coins. It features Paul Kruger’s image on one side, and an image of springbok (an antelope native to South Africa) on its reverse.

This coin contains one troy ounce of.999 pure silver and has an estimated market value of 1 Rand. Investors will appreciate its marketability.

Bullion coins that qualify to be held within an Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, are designated for retirement investment by their custodian and can be stored safely with them for safe keeping.

Choose an eligible bullion product for your IRA depends on many factors, including investment goals and long-term risk tolerance. Monex provides a selection of eligible silver bullion products.


The IRS has set stringent rules regarding what kinds of precious metals may be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Gold must meet at least.995 purity standard; silver and platinum/palladium need to be at least.999 pure; the only exceptions being legal tender coins issued by the United States government such as American Eagle AEO-1.6% coins and earlier Double Eagle coins.

Silver Krugerrand coins meet these standards and are considered eligible investments by IRA. Produced annually by the South African Mint, each coin features the portrait of former South African President Paul Kruger, while its reverse depicts Springbok Antelopes. Popular among investors seeking diversification within physical bullion portfolios. Silver Krugerrands can be purchased individually in plastic flips, mint tubes of 25 coins or sealed boxes of 500 coins from South African Mint dealers.


The South African Silver Krugerrand coin is one of the world’s most beloved bullion coins, boasting 1 ounce of pure silver per coin and featuring a springbok in motion on its front side, with information about silver content and weight rating on its reverse, mintage year displayed and multiples of 25 and 500 coins sold individually encased in tubes or “Monster Boxes.”

Selecting an IRA-eligible silver product requires careful consideration of your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Silver coins and bars must also be evaluated carefully; our listed gold dealers carry an impressive range of South African Silver Krugerrands which qualify as investments within your IRA account.

The IRS imposes stringent purity regulations for precious metals eligible to be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Coins generally must have 99.5% fineness or higher, except American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf coins which have exceptions.


The silver Krugerrand follows in the footsteps of its gold counterpart with an obverse featuring Otto Schultz’s likeness of Paul Kruger on its obverse design, while its reverse features an image of South Africa’s national animal, the springbok, which can often be found depicted on coins and currency from that country.

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Krugerrands were released as silver bullion coins in 2017 in celebration of their 50th anniversary. These initial bullion coins included a unique privy mark above a springbok’s hind quarters as well as “KRUGERRAND 1 OZ SILVER R1,” which contained its weight, purity and, for the first time ever, face value of one rand.

Although Self-Directed IRAs may hold multiple types of precious metals, the IRS only considers eligible ones for investment: gold and silver bullion of established purity and consistency are eligible. Therefore, Krugerrand coins meet this criteria perfectly, making them an excellent option for precious metal investors with long-term price appreciation potential – this makes collecting them even more desirable!

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