Can a Self Directed IRA Be an LLC?

Can a selfdirected IRA be an LLC

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in real estate and alternative investments like private businesses; however, it’s essential to know and abide by IRS rules regarding prohibited transactions and disqualified persons; failure to do so could result in penalty taxes as well as losing tax-deferred status.

One way to reduce penalties is to establish an IRA LLC with checkbook control. This enables its owner to make investment decisions without going through their custodian, leading to reduced transaction fees and greater efficiency.

Limited Liability

Many self directed IRA owners opt to invest their IRA funds in an LLC because it gives them greater control of their investments and is also considered an independent legal entity, so any debts incurred by it cannot be held against the individual unless court action breaches the corporate veil.

An LLC holding a self directed IRA must still file Form 1065 annually with the IRS, reporting on the fair market value of real estate and alternative assets they own at that point in time. When creating such a structure, always consult a knowledgeable tax professional so as to remain compliant with IRS rules and regulations.

After filing Articles of Organization and acquiring an EIN for your IRA LLC, it’s also necessary to open a business checking account in its name at a local bank so you can write checks and receive deposits related to investment properties in your IRA portfolio.


Self directed LLCs may offer an attractive alternative to investing in property directly, but may not be right for every investor. Costs can add up, so it is crucial that all risks, rewards and costs associated with each option before selecting one as your investment structure.

An IRA LLC can be used to invest in many forms of investments, from real estate and other assets to insurance contracts and currency trading. It’s essential to comply with IRS rules regarding certain prohibited transactions or you could face penalty taxes and forfeiture of future tax-deferred growth potential.

If you choose a self-directed IRA LLC as an investment vehicle, the first step will be establishing the LLC with an operating bank account, then moving your IRA funds into that account. After that is complete, either yourself or the manager can write checks on behalf of the LLC for investment property purchases; any prohibited transactions should not involve making yourself an LLC salary payment or depositing personal funds into its bank account.


As with any investment, self directed IRA LLCs must abide by certain IRS rules when investing. Failing to do so could result in either incurring penalties tax or losing their tax-deferred status altogether.

Example investments would include businesses owned by your spouse or children; life insurance; collectibles like rare first edition comic books and certain gems and jewelry items; gold bullion with insufficient purity levels; as well as alcohol beverages are off-limits investments.

Investors use an IRA LLC for various reasons, including faster access to funds and the ability to save on asset maintenance fees by investing directly with a custodian that charges per asset (like IRAR Trust). If you’re interested in using your SDIRA for tangible alternative assets such as real estate investments, your self directed IRA provider can also assist in setting up an IRA LLC for you.

Checkbook Control

Establishing a self-directed IRA LLC provides you with checkbook control. This enables you to make alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals and private companies without waiting for permission from your custodian before taking advantage of exciting investment opportunities. This saves time and allows for swift action on potential deals!

An IRA LLC is still considered an IRA by the IRS, providing tax advantages over an ordinary IRA account. Furthermore, it’s treated as a disregarded entity meaning there’s no annual filing requirement for it.

However, you will be subject to regulations regarding prohibited transactions. You cannot invest in collectibles such as art work, jewelry and stamps or life insurance that hasn’t gone public yet; nor can you lend money directly into an IRA LLC nor lend directly to members such as spouses, children and grandchildren – these restrictions also include your company if any).

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