Can a Self Directed IRA Hold Real Estate?

Real estate and other alternative investments can add diversification to your retirement portfolio, but can be complex investments. Before making such decisions, always consult a knowledgeable tax professional first.

Know that living in property owned by your IRA violates IRS rules and constitutes self-dealing.


Real estate isn’t the only asset a self-directed IRA can hold; alternative investments include promissory notes, tax lien certificates and limited partnerships. While these investments tend to be more liquid than physical property investments, investors should be mindful that tax implications could be complex.

IRAs can invest in partnerships with non-IRA funds or with other IRAs to diversify their holdings and increase income generation potential, but investors should be wary of prohibited transaction rules that might apply.

Investors must remain wary of fraud when investing with a self-directed IRA, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Criminals often exploit those investing with these accounts to sell them fraudulent investments that do not meet expectations; telltale signs include brand new investment companies with no track record, unrealistically high returns claimed and lack of third-party oversight; it is also important to verify your account statements for accuracy.


Real estate investments are just one of the many alternative investments you can make through a Self Directed IRA. Other options may include private lending, promissory notes, limited partnerships, LLCs, tax lien certificates and precious metals – each providing potential for higher returns than stocks while diversifying retirement savings and protecting them from an unpredictable stock market.

However, when investing in real estate with an SDIRA it’s essential to abide by certain governing rules. You cannot personally benefit from any property owned by your SDIRA and cannot purchase from or sell to disqualified people (this includes yourself and family members).

Additionally, all expenses and rental payments must be made through your SDIRA – this can significantly diminish your profit margin.


Self-directed IRAs give you the ability to invest in various assets, including real estate. A self-directed IRA gives you access to various real estate investments ranging from single family and multiplex homes; apartment buildings; commercial real estate; raw land/water rights/mortgage notes/business ventures etc that you may invest in with this asset class.

Although the Securities and Exchange Commission warns that criminals often target self-directed IRA holders, you can protect yourself by following some simple rules. For instance, it’s wise to avoid investing in new companies with no track record and watch out for red flags such as unrealistically high returns.

Additionally, use funds from your IRA to cover all property related expenses like repairs, insurance premiums, homeowner association dues and real estate taxes. Also remember not to use it for personal gain as this could incur significant tax penalties.


Self-directed IRAs allow for greater investing flexibility than their traditional counterparts, yet it is still subject to IRS rules and regulations; investing in anything prohibited by them could incur tax liabilities and penalties.

To avoid an illegal transaction, be careful when choosing your real estate investment. For instance, funds from your IRA should not be used to purchase property in your name or that includes family members as buyers; similarly, performing work on properties owned by an IRA cannot be undertaken without first seeking authorization from its trustee.

As part of your due diligence, make sure the property is titled correctly. Incorrect titling can delay closing and may even be considered prohibited transactions by the IRS. Furthermore, ensure your IRA owns sole ownership and all expenses (taxes, insurance premiums, maintenance expenses, utilities) are paid from within this account.

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