Can an IRA Be Owned by an LLC?

An LLC that has been properly formed and funded can be used by its owner(s) to invest in real estate, private notes and other investments without needing custodian approval, giving IRA holders greater flexibility, opportunity and control when investing.

An IRA LLC must avoid engaging in transactions with disqualified parties, which include its owner, their spouse and descendants. Seeking professional advice can assist here.

Limited liability

An LLC is a state-sanctioned business entity that can protect its owners from personal liability and offer tax advantages, but before investing your retirement funds into one it’s essential that you understand its limitations. An IRA/LLC must be properly set up and administered in order to avoid illegal transactions; for example ensuring its assets don’t commingle and providing Midland with an annual valuation report.

Self-Directed IRA clients frequently choose to establish an LLC as part of their investment venture, which can be particularly helpful when investing in closely held family businesses, farms or real estate properties. An LLC may also facilitate joint ventures between investors who don’t belong to an IRA/LLC and non-IRA investors. To ensure IRS compliance, any investments made via an IRA/LLC should be reviewed by both an attorney and accountant prior to being made in order to avoid prohibited transactions and protect retirement assets. It is advisable to select an agent located physically near where your LLC operates – this will ensure best service when needed by both professionals.


An LLC is a type of legal entity known for its tax advantages. This legal structure helps safeguard personal assets against debts or liabilities associated with its business operations, protecting owners against creditors. An LLC offers Self-Directed IRA investors many advantages such as checkbook control and faster decision-making compared with dealing directly with custodians for instructions or authorizations.

Many retirement investors opt to use an LLC when investing in real estate as it allows for quicker decision-making and property management fees are reduced or avoided altogether. An LLC also protects you against potential prohibited transactions – you should consult a professional to make sure it’s set up correctly to avoid risk and any possible disqualification of your IRA account.


An LLC provides several tax advantages. For one thing, it can help limit liability while cutting transaction fees. But to maximize these advantages fully, consult a professional to make sure your IRA LLC meets all IRS rules and regulations; otherwise you risk mismanaging funds or engaging in transactions forbidden by IRS rules.

IRA/LLCs can be especially helpful to self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) seeking to invest in alternative assets like real estate. With an IRA/LLC structure in place, SDIRA owners can write checks directly into their investments without waiting for custodian approval or incurring transaction fees; additionally they may help reduce taxes as you use an IRA/LLC to purchase foreclosure auction properties and collect rent checks into an LLC bank account – with any profits from these properties tax-free when sold!


An LLC is an ideal way for Self-Directed IRA holders looking to invest in alternative investments such as real estate and private business, but must be properly established so all transactions comply with IRS prohibited transaction rules. Consultations with an expert is advised in setting up this entity and to ensure all operating formalities are followed properly.

LLCs also provide flexibility with pass-through taxation, eliminating double taxation for IRA owners living in states with high property taxes and helping them save on taxes overall. In addition, this structure can create segregation of risk.

IRA LLCs can be utilized to invest in various alternative assets, such as precious metals, private equity investments, and real estate. Furthermore, these vehicles may help mitigate UDFI or UBIT risk through non-recourse loans for purchases of real estate.

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