Can an LLC Own Precious Metals?

Can an LLC own precious metals

People using self-directed retirement plans are seeking ways to safeguard their precious metal assets, with many turning to LLC-IRAs (also referred to as Gold IRA LLCs).

Gold IRA LLCs allow you to store precious metals safely at home while still protecting your assets, but there are certain considerations you should bear in mind before investing.

Limited liability

An LLC provides its owners with limited liability protection in case of lawsuits or bankruptcy proceedings; thus providing peace of mind in terms of assets owned. An LLC’s limited liability status also makes them ideal for holding physical precious metals as assets.

However, it should be remembered that the IRS considers precious metals collectables and taxes them at a higher rate than other assets – something which could affect their marketability for an LLC.

Tax implications associated with owning precious metals within an LLC can be complex and should be discussed with an experienced attorney before investing. Furthermore, your precious metals cannot be stored at home but must instead be depository managed by third-parties; furthermore the LLC must meet specific Internal Revenue Code requirements such as having gold certified to have at least 99.9% fineness.

Tax implications

When investing in precious metals, it’s essential to understand their tax repercussions. According to the IRS, precious metals are classified as collectibles and therefore subject to higher rates of tax than other investments. Capital gains taxes depend on both how long you’ve held onto an investment and your ordinary income tax bracket.

Before investing in precious metals, it is vitally important to speak to a tax advisor with knowledge of reporting requirements for this investment. Doing so will allow you to avoid penalties and ensure compliance with tax laws while keeping accurate records of purchases and sales.

Physical bullion investing offers you peace of mind as your assets are safely in your hands, rather than stored away in banks or ticker symbols. Plus, it gives you flexibility for storage – either at home or a bank safe deposit box which introduces additional security risks and limits control over assets.


Precious metals make a wise investment choice due to their scarcity and longstanding legacy as stores of value. Furthermore, precious metals provide an insurance against economic uncertainty or geopolitical tension.

Gold is an attractive investment choice due to its ease of availability and relatively affordable cost, yet precious metal investments may still come with risks; most notably their susceptibility to price volatility and potential loss in short term.

Investors can protect themselves against volatile prices by placing their investments in a private metals depository. These facilities offer physical storage of precious metals at reduced rates compared to IRA-approved custodians and may provide added privacy by employing nominee managers – keeping your assets away from public record and potential creditors – but be mindful that any distribution from an IRA to purchase precious metals would constitute an illegal transaction.


If you want an easier way to protect your precious metal investments, using a nominee manager could be the way. These professionals reside abroad and won’t have access to your precious metals; therefore, keeping your privacy safe. Furthermore, using one can also help ensure the title chain for these precious assets is clear and prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of these assets.

Nominee managers can also protect you from high-pressure sales tactics used by investment professionals, who may attempt to imply there are limited quantities of a particular commodity available and force an immediate investment decision from you.

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