Can I Buy Bitcoin With a Self Directed IRA?

A Bitcoin IRA is a special type of retirement account that enables investors to invest in cryptocurrency investments with greater investment freedom, though there may be restrictions and less protections than with traditional accounts.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) usually allow investors to invest only in traditional asset classes; however, special accounts called self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) permit people to invest in alternative assets, including cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be popular investments, but they come with significant costs attached. Custodial fees in particular can significantly diminish investment returns.

Self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) allow investors to invest in alternative assets like cryptocurrencies and private placement. When selecting an SDIRA provider, do your research carefully – make sure they’re reliable, experienced and can comply with IRS regulations.

Nabers Group provides an attractive cryptocurrency IRA LLC solution called “checkbook IRA,” allowing for full control and direct investments into digital assets without the need for brokers. You can open an exchange account under your IRA LLC name to transfer funds for buying and selling cryptocurrencies; your IRA can use its own checking account to pay for storage costs of its wallets; however, never store personal wallets with it as this would constitute prohibited transactions.


Self-directed IRAs allow retirement savers to invest in alternative assets, including cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, however, self-directed IRAs come with fees that can eat into returns, such as setup and transaction fees as well as annual account management fees and cryptocurrency exchange fees for trading.

Self-directed IRAs offer several advantages over traditional IRAs, yet are riskier. Investors must assess investing opportunities thoroughly, make informed decisions, and avoid prohibited transactions to manage this type of account successfully. Although managing alternative asset investments is no small task, experienced investors can manage it successfully.

Bitcoin’s volatile price can draw investors looking for diversification into it; however, investors should keep this risk in perspective and limit it to no more than 5-10% of their total portfolios. To minimize risk further, investing across core holdings and equities as well as having an overall long-term plan in mind and setting financial priorities may help minimize volatility of returns over time.


When investing with an SDIRA in Bitcoin, selecting an IRS-approved custodian who specializes in crypto IRAs without charging excessive fees for account setup, maintenance and trades is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the custodian must be capable of verifying information regarding alternative investments – this includes prices and asset values – especially since illiquid assets such as cryptocurrency can be challenging to appraise.

Another consideration should be whether your custodian allows you to store cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, so as to avoid any prohibited transactions. However, be wary of keeping both personal keys and IRA funds together in one wallet as this would violate IRS definition of self-dealing and result in costly penalties. Ideally, open a separate cryptocurrency investment wallet using funds from SDIRA such as ErisX which supports Entrust platform.


A crypto IRA provides you with the chance to diversify your retirement portfolio, but you should keep in mind the fees involved with purchasing and storing cryptocurrency within an IRA account. These costs could serve as a barrier that prevents you from investing.

The easiest and safest way to buy Bitcoin is through a self-directed IRA custodian company that supports this type of investment. Such firms will set up an LLC with checkbook control that enables account owners to invest digital assets through exchanges that offer multiple tokens; in addition, cold storage options and control key storage provide added protection and peace of mind.

IRAs can hold cryptocurrency investments, though these can be considered risky and lead to sudden and significant gains or losses. Therefore, diversifying your portfolio is recommended. In addition, make sure your IRA custodian allows new investments such as cryptocurrency. When selecting one be wary of companies which only accept traditional stocks and bonds as investments for your IRA.

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