Can I Buy Bitcoin With a Self Directed IRA?

Cryptocurrencies offer diversification for retirement portfolios by offering returns that don’t correspond with traditional Wall Street assets such as stocks and bonds. IRAs also come with some special regulations which you should understand prior to investing.

To invest in Bitcoin with a self-directed IRA, it’s necessary to find a custodian who offers cryptocurrency trading and storage solutions – something which makes opening a crypto IRA more complex than opening a conventional one.


The IRS recognizes Bitcoin as property for tax purposes, making its profits subject to similar tax principles as other investments. Therefore, when investing in crypto with a self-directed IRA you should expect your gains to be tax-deferred or tax-free over time – however not all providers allow customers to purchase cryptos through their accounts; you must locate one offering cryptocurrency investments as investments before investing.

Finding a custodian to manage and hold onto your digital assets is the first step to opening a Bitcoin IRA. While traditional IRAs are overseen by brokers, self-directed IRAs require special custodians that specialize in alternative assets like cryptocurrency. While this adds additional complexity to retirement planning, it may yield better returns. It is recommended to diversify your portfolio with traditional securities to protect its balance should Bitcoin’s price decline.


A Bitcoin IRA is an individual retirement account (IRA), designed to allow its holders to invest in cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin. This IRS-approved structure also permits investors to invest in conventional retirement assets like stocks and mutual funds as well as nontraditional ones like precious metals, tax liens, commercial or residential real estate property or raw land land as well as private placements or cryptocurrencies.

IRA custodians often work with various crypto exchanges to purchase and sell cryptocurrency on behalf of their clients, thus eliminating high commission fees paid to third-party brokers as well as LLC fees. Furthermore, this gives IRAs total control of their cryptocurrency – including holding private keys.

Another option for buying and selling cryptocurrency directly through an IRA custodian’s exchange platform. However, this requires making self-directed contributions, with more paperwork involved and this process typically taking between 4-6 weeks to complete. Nabers Group is a top IRS-approved crypto IRA provider and they can structure your retirement account so it allows direct investments on major US exchanges as well as secure storage solutions so your crypto coins stay within your own wallet instead of an exchange-owned cold wallet.


When considering investing in a Bitcoin IRA, it’s crucial to be aware of all security risks. Self-directed IRA custodians do not investigate the legitimacy of investments they provide; as a result, you could become vulnerable to fraud from companies offering cryptocurrency with subpar returns; according to Time reports this scam has cost investors an estimated $14 billion so far.

Investors with a Bitcoin IRA can take advantage of its tax-deferred status by purchasing and selling cryptocurrency on an exchange, unlike conventional stock trading where gains from trades become taxable until distributed from their accounts.

Before investing, secure a reliable custodian that provides IRA services – for example uDirect, Rocket Dollar, Equity Trust, IRA Financial, STRATA Trust Company or Alto IRA are among the many available. Be sure to keep records of cryptocurrency purchases and sales so as to accurately assess your IRA assets at year-end for tax purposes.

IRA custodians

Cryptocurrencies have made headlines over the last several years and offer investors an exciting new investment option. Crypto tokens or “coins” utilize decentralized computer networks using blockchain and cryptography to verify and process transactions – these systems make double spending virtually impossible! Furthermore, the IRS considers cryptocurrency property which you can purchase with your self directed IRA (SDIRA).

However, investing in Bitcoin as part of an SDIRA presents unique challenges and risks not associated with other investments. To mitigate them, it’s wise to work with an established self-directed IRA administrator – they will assist with setting up and funding your account, selecting an appropriate custodian for holding assets as well as understanding any associated rules or regulations for investing in cryptocurrencies or alternative assets.

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