Can I Buy Gold and Silver With a Roth IRA?

Investing in precious metals might appear to be risky, but it can actually be one of the safest ways to diversify your retirement portfolio. Before beginning to invest, however, make sure your gold IRA custodian abides by all IRS regulations.

Precious metals IRAs allow their holders to hold bullion and coins that meet the IRS definition of precious metals, as well as exchange-traded funds or mutual funds that track gold prices or indexes.


Investment of physical gold and silver through an IRA can be complex. The IRS considers precious metal bullion collectibles that cannot be kept in retirement accounts, so investors must first secure an approved depository before having an IRA custodian purchase and transfer their precious metal bullion purchases directly to it.

Sometimes it can be more advantageous to invest through ETFs and mutual funds that track gold prices or industry sectors instead of directly purchasing precious metals within an IRA. This allows easier exposure to alternative investments while potentially lowering fees associated with them.

Whenever considering self-directed IRAs, seek one with an extensive selection of precious metals and is highly-rated by both the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Lear Capital stands out as an exceptional precious metals company that offers both Roth IRA programs as well as full range of services like price match guarantee, 24-hour risk free period and portfolio tracking online.


While most IRAs require investors to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, the Internal Revenue Code allows self-directed IRAs to hold approved precious metals such as gold bullion (.995 purity for bars and coins with purity levels at or above this mark) instead. A company offering gold IRAs typically works with an IRA custodian, dealer that offers various gold investment solutions and depository where physical bullion can be stored safely.

Lear Capital stands out from its competition as an exceptional gold IRA provider, offering customers many benefits including price match guarantees, online portals to track investments, instructive videos and articles as well as price match guarantees. Augusta Precious Metals also offers gold investment choices stored with Delaware Depository while scare tactics are sometimes employed in attempts to convince investors there will soon be global financial collapse – both approaches do not conform with ethical considerations.


As with any investment, managing a precious metals IRA requires fees. These costs include purchasing and storing the actual bullion itself as well as storage and insurance costs associated with its storage and insurance coverage. You will also have to pay a markup on sales prices which can differ depending on what items are purchased.

Most gold IRA companies don’t provide an abundance of fee transparency on their websites, making it hard to know exactly how much your bill might be. But some reputable providers like GoldCo, Augusta Precious Metals and The American Hartford Gold Group provide clear fee information as well as extensive client education.

Note that funds invested in a precious metals IRA don’t provide income or appreciate in value like stocks do; therefore it represents an inherently riskier form of diversification. Most experts recommend investing no more than 5-10% of your retirement account in this type of investment.


Investing in precious metals can be an excellent way to safeguard against inflation, diversify your retirement portfolio and hedge against currency depreciation. But before making this investment, it is crucial that you fully understand its associated risks and costs.

When searching for an IRA-approved gold provider, look for one with an excellent track record and fair pricing. A top tier gold IRA company should also provide educational content and other resources to help you better understand how physical precious metals have performed through history and under various economic circumstances.

Some companies go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best prices when investing in Roth gold IRAs, such as Silver Gold Bull. Their price match guarantee ensures they beat any competitor prices on similar products – saving you both time and money while giving peace of mind knowing your IRA is receiving its precious metal investments at the best possible rates.

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