Can I Buy Gold With a SEP IRA?

Can I buy gold with a SEP IRA

Gold can provide protection from inflation while serving as a useful diversifier for portfolios.

An SEP IRA allows you to invest in precious metals and tangible assets with pre-tax dollars, using pre-approved custodianship services.

An exceptional SEP gold provider should offer an array of products and services, with low fees and competitive price mark-ups.


Are You Self-Employed or Running a Small Business? Consider investing in precious metals through a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) retirement account. This unique type of IRA enables higher contribution limits, and can even be used to invest directly into tangible assets like gold and silver.

Your SEP IRA can be opened with any custodian offering the service, though there are a number of highly reputable providers to consider. They will help with everything from opening your account and purchasing metals from secure depository stores, to handling any IRS paperwork necessary. Many also provide investment options like gold mutual funds or ETFs as well as direct investments into mining companies that you might consider when choosing which custodian you work with.

IRS rules restrict what can and can’t be purchased with an IRA, while SEPs offer more freedom compared to traditional or Roth IRAs. You generally can hold any type of stock or financial instrument with an SEP IRA; some companies restrict certain trading activities or derivatives though; collectibles and life insurance aren’t permitted but typically won’t present an issue for most people.

SEP IRAs provide entrepreneurs, contractors and other self-employed individuals looking to lower their taxable income an excellent way of doing so. Contributions are made pretax so you’ll pay taxes only when withdrawing funds during retirement – providing inflation protection and diversifying investments such as gold that might otherwise crash and fluctuate with stock markets or markets across segments – helping preserve wealth during crashes or shifts across markets segments. Plus you can transfer assets directly into your SEP without incurring penalties; some SEP IRAs allow direct institution-to-institution transfers which make rolling over even easier than normal IRA rollovers!


An SEP gold IRA allows investors to invest directly in physical gold and silver bullion, providing an attractive option for investors who prefer holding onto their precious metals instead of keeping them locked away in a vault. Furthermore, coins provide another avenue to diversify your retirement portfolio as the economy and global political climate shift. Furthermore, investing in such an account provides protection from inflation by providing an investment vehicle which protects savings.

Contrary to traditional and Roth IRAs, SEP accounts offer greater flexibility when it comes to holding assets in them. You can both invest directly in physical precious metals and indirectly via precious metals ETFs and mining stocks; additionally a SEP account may hold real estate and collectibles that meet certain IRS guidelines.

SEP accounts can be beneficial to all employees, but are especially suitable for small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers and other self-employed people. Their high contribution limits make IRA and 401(k) plans obsolete by enabling up to 25% of your annual income tax-deferred.

An SEP account allows you to invest in various investment products, such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cash investments and more. However, you will have to pay regular taxes on gains or distributions made from those investments.

When opening a SEP account, it’s essential to shop around for the best prices. With many companies providing SEP gold IRA services with different offerings and fee structures available to you, it is wise to select an established firm with proven customer satisfaction ratings as well as transparency and integrity – one such firm being Oxford Gold Group which provides SEP IRAs without fees for accounts over $100,000 while providing free transfers/rollover assistance services as part of their SEP gold IRA service offering.

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