Can I Buy Gold With a SEP IRA?

Salary workers generally know roughly what their annual earnings will be; freelancers and small business owners, on the other hand, often experience larger variations.

These individuals could benefit from opening a SEP IRA, which offers higher contribution limits than Traditional IRAs and allows investors to invest in various assets, including precious metals.

Self-Employed Pension Plan (SEP)

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) accounts are tax-advantaged retirement accounts popular among freelancers, contractors, and self-employed professionals who wish to reduce their taxable income. A SEP gold IRA serves as an inflation hedge while diversifying a portfolio.

The plan is tailored for self-employed individuals filing Schedule C and small business owners with few or no employees, who wish to contribute up to 25% of their gross considered compensation as contributions that won’t be taxed at either source – neither you or any employees receiving it upon distribution.

If you’re in search of a SEP gold IRA provider, Oxford Gold Group and Patriot Gold Group offer some solid options with high reviews, solid selection of products, and low fees on accounts under $100,000. American Hartford Gold has recently seen tremendous growth and boasts five star reviews from Trustpilot and Google users alike.

Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)

Self-directed IRAs allow investors to invest in both traditional and alternative assets like real estate, private notes, loans, cryptocurrencies and physical precious metals with greater returns than typical retirement accounts but carry greater risks.

An important distinction to note when investing with a Self-Directed IRA is that only precious metals meeting IRS guidelines as collectibles may be purchased – this includes gold bullion, bars and coins certified to meet certain fineness and purity requirements. Furthermore, home storage should be avoided for precious metals eligible for investment within an IRA.

Self-Directed IRA investors will need to select a reliable and experienced precious metals dealer and depository before proceeding with their investment plan. Furthermore, investors should take note that there may be fees associated with purchasing and storing precious metals; such fees could range anywhere from account management and trading fees, storage costs and insurance premiums to others.

Tax-Advantaged IRA (TAIRA)

Gold can be an attractive asset to add to your retirement portfolio, but it comes with certain risks. Notably, gold does not generate dividends or yield and its volatile price makes it hard to value properly. Furthermore, it likely won’t outshout stocks and other equities over the long term.

IRAs allow investors to purchase precious metals such as American Eagle proof coins and bullion at your own cost; however, the costs associated with storage and insurance can quickly add up over time.

Additionally, you will owe capital gains tax when selling any precious metals held within an IRA due to IRS classification as collectibles which attract 28% taxation. You can avoid this tax burden by investing in an exchange-traded fund or mutual fund approved for an IRA and that specializes in precious metals – these vehicles provide diversification with lower risks, without the requirement for RMDs once reaching age 70 and a half.

Precious Metals IRA (PMIRA)

Precious Metals IRAs allow investors to invest in physical precious metals such as gold and silver by self-directing the account, meaning the investor makes investment decisions themselves. You can open one either traditional or Roth and contributions are taxed as ordinary income when received; distributions may also be rolled over into another IRA or retirement account for tax-advantage.

When selecting a gold IRA, look for one with transparent pricing and competitive storage fees. When buying precious metals, find an expert company in its purchase. In addition, look for one offering customer support, educational resources, no additional fees or high-pressure sales tactics, IRS approval and secure depository locations as important attributes of an ideal gold IRA company.

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