Can I Buy Gold With a SEP IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows people to save for their future through long-term investments, with financial planners often suggesting including gold in the portfolio as part of an IRA’s investments.

To invest in precious metals, an individual must open a self-directed SEP IRA with a custodian that permits physical investment of these assets and that adheres to IRS rules regarding eligibility criteria and storage needs.

Gold Bars

SEP IRAs provide small business owners and self-employed individuals an effective and flexible method for making retirement contributions for themselves and their employees. Contributions are tax deductible; taxes only become due upon withdrawal in retirement. You can customize the contributions you make each year as you see fit; making partial or no contributions altogether is fine too.

Contrary to a traditional IRA or 401(k), SEP IRAs allow investors to invest directly in physical gold and silver bullion as well as precious metals-related ETFs, index funds and mining stocks (commonly referred to as “paper gold”). Although such investments offer less security and liquidity compared to physical bullion investments.

Your SEP IRA custodian can assist in setting up the account, buying metals from IRS-approved depository accounts and filing all required paperwork. Popular SEP IRA custodians include American IRA which charges no annual fees for accounts under $200,000 while Orion boasts an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and has earned 4.9 stars on Trustpilot.

Gold Coins

There are other ways you can invest in gold with an IRA without actually taking home any coins physically. For instance, purchasing gold mining stocks or exchange-traded products tied to precious metals offers similar benefits without the burden of carrying around heavy coins or worrying about where you will store them.

To purchase precious metals with your SEP IRA, it will require opening a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA). A Precious Metals Specialist can assist in finding an IRS-approved custodian and show you your options for opening one – for instance Patriot Gold Group offers no fees on accounts over $100,000 while Orion provides competitive fees on accounts under $100,000. Other popular SDIRA providers are Nuscor, APMEX and BullionVault.

Uncirculated Coins

When purchasing gold with your SEP IRA, there are multiple strategies you can take. One is selecting an experienced precious metals IRA custodian who can assist with account setup, metal purchase and storage in an IRS-approved depository – one such provider is Oxford which boasts excellent reviews (A+ with Better Business Bureau and 4.9 on Trustpilot).

Another option for investing in gold is through “paper gold,” such as exchange-traded funds or mining stock baskets, but this approach is typically not advised by financial advisors as it exposes retirement savings to unnecessary risk. Most advisors recommend allocating up to 10% of retirement savings towards physical precious metals depending on age and appetite for risk – this should provide enough diversification against economic turmoil while offering some security as an insurance policy against uncertainty; however it should be remembered that precious metals typically offer lower returns than equities or bonds.


SEP-IRAs (Simplified Employee Pension Plan) are retirement accounts specifically tailored for small business owners and self-employed professionals.

Contributions to a SEP-IRA are tax-deferred until retirement, meaning no taxes will be owed on them until then. To open one, first choose an institution as trustee/custodian of your plan, then provide eligible employees with information about it and inform them they can contribute.

Once your IRA is established, you can invest funds according to your risk tolerance and anticipated retirement age. If you still have several decades until retirement, stocks such as index funds should comprise most of your allocation; for those looking for inflation protection or market fluctuations protection gold is also a fantastic choice; its high contribution limits and ability to diversify can make this choice very viable.

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