Can I Buy Gold With My TSP?

TSPs do not permit investments in physical precious metals; however, rolling over your TSP into a self directed gold IRA provides greater investment flexibility and allows you to hold physical precious metals tax-advantageously in an account.

Work closely with your IRA custodian to select an investment option in precious metals – this might include physical gold coins and bars, gold ETFs or stocks in precious metal mining companies – that meets IRS guidelines for precious metal IRA accounts.

What is a TSP?

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a retirement savings vehicle for federal employees that offers low-cost exposure to diverse stocks, bonds and precious metals investments. It can provide investors with low risk exposure in these alternative investments – ideal for diversifying retirement portfolios against inflation.

As it currently stands, TSP participants cannot purchase physical gold with their funds directly; however, they can rollover some of their accounts into a precious metals IRA that allows for direct investment into coins or bars of gold. This process involves working with an approved custodian, filling out transfer forms, and adhering to IRS regulations for funding this IRA.

Self-directed IRA custodians will handle the storage, insurance and security of physical gold bullion held in your account. When selecting a provider such as Regal Assets, Lear Capital, Rosland Capital JM Bullion or APMEX for your precious metals IRA it is essential that they are registered with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and Better Business Bureau as well as adhering to federal regulations regarding precious metals IRAs.

TSP investors have the option to invest in gold, silver and platinum through the Tax-Deferred Savings Plan (TSP). Silver has many applications outside of jewelry such as glass windows, photovoltaic panels, medical supplies and electronics; its ratio with gold has historically averaged under 20 and silver can make for an excellent addition to an IRA specializing in gold investments.

Buy gold outside a TSP by purchasing shares of mutual funds or exchange-traded funds that contain investments in gold-mining companies, or physical gold via taxable investment accounts, Roth IRAs or individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Consult an investment professional before setting your retirement goals using SmartVestor’s free service – they can connect you with local financial advisors that are here to help!

How can I buy gold with my TSP?

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) allows participants to invest in five funds, including an estimated retirement date-based lifecycle fund. While gold and silver investments aren’t permitted within TSP accounts, when you leave government employment it may be possible to move them over into an individual retirement account (IRA) that allows precious metal investments.

To do this, first find a reputable self-directed IRA provider who specializes in precious metals and can offer an approved list of vaulting and storage providers. Fee structures for some IRA providers vary; others charge either a flat-rate per transaction fee structure that depends on which services are being utilized or an asset management fee percentage; it’s also important to take note of any third-party storage provider fees when making decisions about physical gold and silver purchases.

Once you’ve found a self-directed IRA provider who’s ready to accept your TSP rollover, the company will provide an account number and instructions on how to start up. Most commonly this involves making a direct trustee-to-trustee transfer. When your gold IRA has received funds from your TSP account, tell them which coins, bars or rounds you would like purchased as well as where to source them from.

When purchasing gold, the best method is through an established metals dealer. Unfortunately, many fraudulent precious metals IRA companies target retired federal employees through deceptive marketing practices and high pressure sales tactics that induce fear. Before investing your money with any company, check them with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and Better Business Bureau to ensure they’re legitimate businesses and remember that gold investing can lead to substantial losses without producing income; hence it should never replace stocks, bonds, real estate investments, etc.

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