Can I Buy Physical Gold With IRA?

Can I buy physical gold with IRA

Gold can serve as an effective diversifier in retirement portfolios and be an excellent hedge against inflation; however, as with any investment it does carry some degree of risk.

Investors looking to acquire physical gold with an IRA should seek a self-directed custodian that specializes in precious metals and meets IRS standards, since standard IRA custodians do not permit physical metals in their accounts.


Gold is a popular investment choice among retirees as it adds diversification to a portfolio, yet does not generate dividends or income and tends to underperform stocks over the long term. Furthermore, it can be quite volatile and carry certain inherent risks.

One of the major obstacles associated with gold IRAs is finding an appropriate custodian who specializes in handling physical precious metals. Since regular custodians don’t specialize in such services, investors should find an online self-directed IRA (SDIRA) company like American Bullion or APMEX who specializes in this service.

Additionally, the IRS mandates that any physical metal held within an SDIRA be stored at an approved depository or vault – this means investors cannot keep their gold at home as doing so could result in taxes and penalties from both taxes and penalties; additionally, SDIRA firms must possess all required licenses and insurances for physical gold storage.


Gold is an attractive investment due to its diversification properties and potential inflation hedge potential, but investors should remember that Gold IRAs incur fees from custodians that include storage, transaction and management costs. Before setting up one yourself it’s advisable to speak to an adviser to determine how much of your portfolio should consist of precious metal investments.

The IRS mandates that physical gold purchased for an IRA be stored at a third-party facility that meets certain security and insurance standards. Unlike home safes or personal vaults, these facilities offer round-the-clock monitoring as well as advanced security features and private insurance protection.

Keep in mind that traditional IRA custodians won’t typically handle physical metals, so you will need a self-directed IRA provider who specializes in this field, such as American Bullion or APMEX.


While physical gold can be held within your IRA, you should find an independent custodian to hold it for you; such true self-directed IRAs are only offered by select providers.

Custodians charge annual fees to manage and store precious metal investments, along with additional storage and insurance costs. Seller markup may vary between vendors and could even exceed the going rate of gold itself.

If you want to cash out, you’ll have to sell your gold to a third-party dealer and they may offer less than its market value; thus, unless your investment appreciates significantly, you could end up losing money unless managed correctly by an IRA company which handles all these transactions for you while adhering to IRS regulations regarding storage in an IRA account.


Gold has long held onto its value, making it an attractive way to diversify a retirement portfolio. But before investing in this asset, it’s crucial that you understand its risks.

Contrary to traditional investments, precious metals do not generate regular cash flows for their owners; rather, their value depends on market prices at any given moment – making it hard to accurately value these assets.

Care must also be taken when purchasing gold for an IRA as certain forms are ineligible for inclusion. South African Krugerrand coins do not qualify due to their low fineness; for optimal results, opt for bars and coins with at least.995 fineness as these will most likely meet eligibility.

If you choose to store physical gold in an IRA, there will be annual custodian fees as well as storage and insurance costs that you must bear. Make sure that when researching custodians they promise lower fees than their competitors.

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