Can I Buy Physical Gold With My IRA?

Can I buy physical gold with my IRA

Investment in physical gold with an IRA can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio, but it is crucial that you first understand its workings.

Investors should carefully consider all costs involved with gold investments, including one-time account setup and maintenance fees. Some highly-reviewed Gold IRA companies include Lear Capital, Oxford Gold Group and American Bullion.


When investing in gold with your IRA, it’s essential that you fully comprehend its tax implications. Since precious metals are considered collectibles by the IRS rather than assets, selling your gold will have similar tax ramifications as selling comic books or art works.

To avoid incurring penalties, it’s essential that you purchase gold from a dealer that has been authorized by both state authorities and industry trade organizations. Your IRA custodian may have relationships with specific dealers; alternatively, you can search online to locate trustworthy sellers yourself.

Once you are ready to buy, an IRA custodian will assist with transferring the funds from your existing IRA into the new one. Expect one-time setup fees and annual storage fees as well as seller markup charges that vary based on what type of bullion coins, proofs or bars are selected; all these expenses should be reflected in your final cost.


Custodians are individuals or companies who store IRA investments safely. If you choose to buy physical gold with your IRA, you will also require both a custodian and depository to hold on to it for safekeeping purposes.

When selecting a custodian, look for one with transparent pricing and an established track record. They should also have access to reliable dealers who will negotiate prices on your behalf.

Before purchasing, it is also essential to research how much the custodian charges in storage and insurance fees. This should be specified in their initial quote.

Physical gold offers many investors an appealing investment option due to its historical function as a hedge against inflation and long-term purchasing power protection. But before taking the plunge, it is crucial that they fully understand its legal restrictions and work with an experienced broker – so request your free gold IRA kit now so you can start exploring all your options!

Buying Gold

Gold investing is an attractive option that many investors consider in order to protect savings against inflation and potentially expand investments. But before diving in head first, it’s essential that you consider certain considerations first.

The IRS does not permit Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to purchase collectibles such as gold bullion and coins; rather, these accounts must invest in paper precious metals or mutual funds and ETFs that give exposure to precious metals companies and industry trends.

Traditional, Roth, and SEP gold IRAs are the three primary types of gold IRAs available; each type offers its own contribution limits, tax benefits, and contribution restrictions.

No matter which type of gold IRA you select, fees associated with its storage options will incur. These may include an initial account setup fee, annual maintenance fees, dealer markup costs (marked up from spot price of gold purchased), storage fees payable to an approved depository for safekeeping by your custodian and cash-out costs charged when closing out an account – these expenses can quickly add up over time.

Selling Gold

Although the IRS technically allows precious metals in an IRA, you do not own them directly. Instead, an IRA custodian buys gold through U.S. Money Reserve for you before having it transported to an IRS-approved depository that specializes in protecting precious metals – an annual fee is charged for storage and insurance of precious metals in an IRA account.

Many investors purchase physical gold as an IRA because they believe it offers diversification, protection against economic downturns and inflation protection – or simply as an opportunity to grow wealth over the long-term.

Gold coins or bullion purchased with an IRA is often an inefficient way of investing, due to the dealer who buys back your precious metals at less than its market price and leads to expensive cash-out costs that don’t apply with regular IRAs. Therefore, it may be more beneficial for you to opt for investing in an ETF or mining company using your IRA rather than buying and selling physical coins or bars back and forth.

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