Can I Buy Physical Gold With My IRA?

Gold investments offer investors unparalleled control and flexibility. Furthermore, they serve as a hedge against inflation while simultaneously building wealth over time.

Your IRA custodian will purchase and deliver precious metals to an IRS-approved depository, while also charging annual maintenance and storage fees for them.

Self-directed IRAs

There are various methods available for purchasing physical gold with an IRA, but it is vitally important that you research each dealer thoroughly to make sure you deal with a reliable one. Be wary of those with numerous customer reviews or legal disputes filed against them; ask for references and carefully vet any such businesses. Also watch out for those that are regularly reported for negligence.

Many standard IRA custodians do not handle precious metals, so you will need to find one who does. Custodians such as American Bullion and APMEX are well-established businesses in this regard.

These companies charge fees to open and manage an account as well as annual storage and purchase fees on bullion, raising the threshold on how much gold must appreciate in order to turn a profit. When it’s time for distribution in-kind, make sure your dealer provides a buyback program so that when selling back your metals you get fair value and no losses occur from distribution in kind.


If you’re interested in investing in physical gold with your IRA, finding a trustworthy custodian is key. A reputable custodian should offer various investment options as well as personalized service and secure storage for precious metals. Be sure to select an organization with experience in managing precious metals; additionally make sure they possess all required licenses and insurances before choosing them as the recipient of your funds.

Before purchasing any precious metals, it is also necessary to select which kind you would like. As some types may be restricted by the IRS – for instance coins considered collectibles cannot be added to an IRA.

Physical gold investment can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and protect against inflation over the long term. Plus, its price may help increase wealth over time as its price soars!


Precious metal IRAs offer investors looking to diversify their retirement accounts an effective option; however, they tend to be more costly than other investments options. Precious metal IRAs require upfront costs such as setup and transaction fees, plus annual storage and insurance fees (depending on where it’s held).

Prior to investing, it’s essential that you fully comprehend the risks involved with a precious metals IRA. If unsure, consult a financial advisor or tax professional; they can help determine which type of IRA fits best with your budget and goals. Gold can be an attractive choice as its low correlation with stocks and bonds can lower portfolio risks while its protection from inflation makes it ideal for long-term wealth creation. However, before making a final decision regarding one, be mindful of costs involved with purchasing precious metals IRAs – its costs must also be factored into consideration before making a final decision about investing.


If you’re interested in owning physical gold through an IRA, there are two primary storage methods to consider: segregated storage is where your precious metals are kept apart from other investors’ assets; allocated storage allows your assets to be shared among multiple IRA accounts. Each method offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so choose the one which best meets your needs.

Physical IRA ownership requires consideration of storage costs as well as purchasing costs, both of which must be factored into your total expenses. Storing at home may be cheaper than professional storage services but may increase risk.

Noble Gold offers an efficient, cost-effective and reliable physical possession solution for your gold IRA investments. Their industry-leading security protocols combine with friendly customer service for an enjoyable customer experience; plus they offer an array of gold products as well as secure storage for physical possessions.

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