Can I Hold Physical Gold in My IRA?

Gold has long been used as the ultimate store of wealth. It serves both as an investment and as a reliable means to exchange for goods and services.

Investors often ask themselves: Can I hold physical gold in my IRA? The answer is yes, although some additional paperwork must be completed first.


Gold IRAs are individual retirement accounts (IRAs) designed specifically to enable investors to hold physical precious metals such as gold. Usually self-directed IRAs, these investments utilize both an outside custodian for account administration as well as precious metal dealers when buying precious metals such as gold.

Investors with gold IRAs typically invest in coins and bullion instead of jewelry to meet IRS fineness standards of 99.5% pure for bars or 99.9% pure for coins.

Investors must store their gold at an approved depository; taking it home could constitute a withdrawal and be subject to taxes and penalties. Gold IRAs have become increasingly popular among retirement investors for their ability to protect portfolios against inflation while at the same time protecting against global financial instability; however, before opening one it’s essential that one understands all risks involved with investing physical gold.


Gold has long been recognized as an efficient investment. But as with any venture, investing in physical gold presents its own set of risks that should be carefully considered when building retirement accounts.

One major drawback associated with gold IRA accounts are their fees, including an initial account setup fee as well as custodian and transaction fees. Although similar to other IRA accounts, fees related to storage requirements may be higher due to gold being stored in an IRS-approved depository.

Additionally, there are specific requirements regarding the type of physical gold that can be put into an IRA account. Usually only coins meeting IRS fineness standards are accepted as acceptable investments – collectible gold does not fit these parameters and so it’s essential that a company with experience and a good track record be chosen when setting up your IRA account.


Traditional, Roth, SIMPLE and SEP IRAs don’t typically permit purchasing physical assets like gold directly through your IRA; if it does allow it, however, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds that specialize in precious metal investments could be an alternative investment solution.

Investing in physical gold requires opening a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) with an approved depository that accepts your precious metals. There will also be annual costs related to brokerage, storage and seller markup fees as well as insurance costs associated with SDIRAs.

An effective SDIRA provider should charge reasonable fees, provide expert guidance and offer a range of investments that match your preferences, while securely depository your precious metals. They should have an exceptional track record in transparency with hundreds of 5-star customer reviews from satisfied clients vouching for them, offer free shipping and buyback guarantees, plus offer free shipping with free delivery or return shipping guarantees – it is important to do your research when selecting providers to avoid hidden fees or additional charges that might otherwise incur.


Many investors choose a gold IRA for diversification, protection from inflation and wealth growth. But investing in physical gold requires more hands-on management than more conventional Traditional or Roth IRAs – you must research prices before buying precious metals from reputable distributors like U.S. Money Reserve which has over two decades of experience selling precious metals.

Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure your IRA-approved gold is safely stored. As per IRS requirements, a custodian who oversees your account and stores investments within an approved depository must oversee it.

If you choose a physical gold IRA, ensure the company you select has an established relationship with an IRA-approved depository, such as Delaware Depository. Also look for dealers offering a broad selection of products with proven customer satisfaction like Augusta Precious Metals.

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