Can I Hold Physical Gold in My IRA?

No matter your retirement portfolio’s diversification needs or physical gold investment goals, an IRA is often an attractive solution. Just be sure that it is stored safely to comply with IRS regulations.

To achieve your goals, you will need to work with a precious metals dealer, custodian and approved depository – this may incur additional expenses that you wouldn’t expect with traditional pre-tax IRAs.


Gold IRAs allow you to invest in physical precious metals such as gold bullion and American Eagle proof coins through self-directed IRA custodians and receive them either in-kind distributions for storage purposes, or directly when you reach the age when required minimum distributions (RMDs) must begin being taken from them.

Owning and maintaining a physical metal IRA comes with its own fees, such as storage and insurance costs – fees which could potentially offset your returns from investments.

An individual retirement account (IRA) with physical precious metals offers significant tax advantages; any appreciation in their value won’t be taxed until withdrawal. However, be mindful that when using your Gold IRA as income later on it could incur substantial withdrawal taxes that significantly reduce returns.


Physical gold in an IRA does not generate income, making it less desirable than stocks and bonds for some investors. Furthermore, you will incur annual fees as well as storage and insurance costs which could add up quickly.

IRS rules only permit certain precious metals to be held in self-directed IRAs and must meet strict purity standards. Furthermore, custodians of self-directed IRAs must provide either segregated or commingled storage – segregated storage typically costing more but offering greater security against theft or loss.

As gold’s price fluctuates quickly, you risk experiencing significant losses on your investment. Furthermore, withdrawing before age 59.5 incurs a 10% penalty; many investors advise allocating no more than 5–10% of savings towards precious metals to diversify and protect wealth during economic downturns.

Third-Party Custodians

First step to buying physical gold through an IRA is finding a precious metals dealer who can serve as trustee/custodian services, along with depository facilities approved by the IRS to store physical gold. Many such dealers already have relationships in place for this service.

Custodians will typically purchase and store gold on behalf of an IRA at their facility – this is important because it would not be legal to buy and store your own physical precious metals at home or with non-approved providers as this would count as distribution.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you partner with a company that offers transparent and competitive pricing as well as no ancillary fees, which can make an enormous difference to the costs associated with investing in precious metals IRAs. Some gold IRA providers even provide impartial customer education; an invaluable aspect when selecting the ideal gold investment firm for you.


Gold can add several advantages to an IRA portfolio, including diversification and protection against inflation. But before making this move, it is crucial that investors understand its limitations and costs before making a commitment.

One of the key problems associated with investing is storage. Investors cannot keep physical gold at home due to IRS regulations that prohibit this action and could lead to penalties from the IRS; as a result, it is crucial that they work with an IRA company which offers safe depository storage of precious metals.

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