Can I Store Gold and Silver at Home?

Keep bullion safe at home is not recommended. Without being stored in a vault specifically designed to safeguard precious metals, at-home storage leaves it open to theft and may not even be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

As it can be difficult to conceal the fact that you own precious metals at home, increasing their vulnerability to theft.


Store bullion at home comes with some serious risks. The primary one lies in disclosing its location to too many people – especially visitors, work staff, or family members who might need access if necessary (for instance visitors, work staff or family). If this poses a threat to you then be sure to inform one trusted person who could assist should anything happen that incapacitates, harms or causes your death unexpectedly.

Your bullion could also be damaged by fire or flood. Additionally, it’s essential that it’s fully insured – something which may prove challenging if stored at home as most insurance policies don’t cover precious metals.


As bullion investors amass their gold stashes, storage becomes a paramount concern. While many opt for an at-home safe as their preferred method, more secure options include specialist vaults. These facilities offer segregated storage where each piece remains your property at all times.

These facilities can be an attractive alternative for buyers as they eliminate the need for large and costly safes at home, while being less likely to be raided by law enforcement authorities.

Be it an in-home safe, professional vault, or simply burying gold, one thing is paramount: don’t tell anyone about your precious metals. This will protect them against unwanted intrusion as well as theft or fire hazards.

Safe Deposit Boxes

If you own physical gold and silver coins or bars, the question of how best to store them at home becomes essential. Your precious metals should ideally be secured so as to be hard for others to access or steal them.

Safes or vaults are popular choices as they provide valuable protection from theft and fire, yet many homeowners find the cost prohibitive for larger holdings.

As another option, safety deposit boxes at financial institutions offer both convenience and security; however, its contents are not insured; in addition, bullion stored this way cannot easily be accessed during weekends, holidays, or during an emergency – this can be a significant drawback.

Burying Your Bullion

Customers sometimes prefer storing some of their gold and silver bullion at home. This can be an efficient option when it comes to smaller amounts.

Start with a high quality, fireproof home safe to store your bullion securely. Additionally, it is wise to limit who knows its whereabouts; only one confidante should know. That way if something should happen to you and need someone else to take over storage for you or pass along any information regarding where your bullion resides – such as illness or incapacitation or even death – this knowledge could still be passed along without delay.

When it comes to home burying of bullion, experts advise using an airtight, waterproof and erosion-proof container that will protect it from theft as well as prevent it from tarnishing over time. This will protect against theft as well as ensure its preservation over time.

Third-Party Storage

Professional storage facilities may provide both insurance policies that cover theft and natural disasters as well as expert knowledge about storing precious metals. Their facilities often use private vaults with 24-hour surveillance, alarm systems and other state-of-the-art features.

Home storage of bullion is an economical and accessible way to reduce storage fees, with 24/7 access. But it is essential that only one trusted individual knows where your gold and silver is kept – otherwise the risks increase significantly.

Gold and silver investments provide low-cost financial insurance against economic collapse, geopolitical upheaval, environmental catastrophe and other catastrophic events. To make sure you choose a storage method best suited to you and ensure peace of mind. We suggest reviewing each option to see which provides greater peace of mind.

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