Can I Store My IRA Gold at Home?

Contrary to what many gold IRA companies may promote, home storage of your precious metals is not permitted under IRS regulations and any attempts at doing so could incur serious penalties and fees.

Compliance with IRA regulations can best be accomplished by investing in a precious metals IRA that utilizes both an IRS-approved depository for storage of physical gold.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Gold stored within an Individual Retirement Account can’t be stored at home or local bank deposit boxes as the IRS stipulates precious metals must be in the “physical possession of a trustee.” To make shipping and liquidating investments simpler for their clients, many gold dealers partner with storage facilities that offer shipping and liquidating investments without incurring shipping and liquidating fees as well as theft-protection plans to provide peace of mind against theft risks.

However, some investors remain unclear about home storage for Gold IRAs because the concept remains confusing. Failure to store physical precious metals at home in an IRA would violate IRS guidelines and may result in fines and penalties from IRS authorities; all assets must be stored with an approved depository and ask your Gold IRA company about its storage options (commingled and segregated; your coins must be held individually within each box within the depository) as well as fees associated with their services – normally they should be very reasonable.


If you’re considering holding your precious metals at home, we recommend investigating Self-Directed IRAs managed by an approved custodian. These precious metals IRAs have been acknowledged by the IRS as legal options and provide peace of mind knowing your assets will be professionally administered and safeguarded.

Storage of your IRA gold at home can be risky, no matter how well protected and secure your property may be. Break-ins remain a possibility while precious metals could also be stolen from natural calamities like fires.

Home storage of gold IRA investments poses not only risks, but is illegal. The IRS has specific guidelines regarding physical gold in an IRA account. If any violations occur, serious fines could result and even the loss of tax benefits for that IRA investment. You can learn more about this matter by viewing our frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.


For investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals, a gold IRA is an attractive solution. This account type enables you to invest directly in physical gold bars and coins while reaping all the benefits associated with an individual retirement account (IRA).

However, storing precious metals IRA investments at home would likely violate IRS regulations. To avoid this situation, work with a reputable investment firm that manages precious metals IRAs as they have relationships with third party depositories that provide secure storage solutions for IRA assets.

These reputable depositories are licensed by the federal government to store IRA assets, meeting an extensive list of stringent criteria in order to do so. Furthermore, they possess years of experience when it comes to handling precious metal IRA assets and storage management.

When selecting a depository to store your IRA precious metals, look for one with insurance in case of theft or damage. Also ensure they’re kept separate from other investors’ assets to reduce theft risk and ensure no assets come together at once – this way.

Offshore Storage

Home storage gold IRAs may seem appealing at first glance; ads depicting homes filled with numerous gold bars tucked inside an individual safe can make these seem even more desirable. Unfortunately, such advertisements could lead to misinterpretations or even encourage illegal activity, since the IRS stipulates that precious metals must be stored with an approved custodian; failing to comply can incur steep penalties.

Keep in mind that storing your IRA metals at home leaves them vulnerable to theft and natural disasters like floods or tornadoes, while depository deposits are kept safe with world-class facilities that are regularly monitored to ensure their security. In addition, precious metals stored with depository are insured against theft or damage – though more costly option in terms of storage fees, depository options offer unparalleled protection.

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