Can I Take Physical Delivery of Gold in an IRA?

Can I take physical delivery of gold in IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) allow workers to invest pre-tax dollars into various assets without incurring taxes at tax time. Investors can open an IRA at banks, brokerage firms, credit unions, robo-advisors or through other services.

When investing in precious metals, some investors want the security of holding onto their coins and bars themselves; however, keeping IRA-eligible coins or bars at home may qualify as distribution and trigger stiff penalties.


Gold in an IRA can be an attractive investment option, provided its precious metals are stored safely. According to IRS requirements, physical gold IRAs must be stored in an approved depository or vault where certain security and insurance standards have been met. Not all self-directed IRA custodians provide this option so investors should carefully select one with experience managing precious metals.

Storing gold investments safely is often a source of worry among gold investors, as theft and loss are always possible; home insurance policies generally don’t cover them either. But reputable precious metals IRA custodians employ secure depositories with stringent auditing protocols in place to safeguard clients’ investments.

IRS rules regarding IRAs specify that precious metal investments must come in the form of bullion coins, bars or wafers that meet purity standards. Not everyone may find investing in precious metals suitable; therefore it’s advisable to consult a financial advisor or tax professional about its potential risks and rewards before making your decision.


Gold can offer more benefits than inflation protection when added to a retirement account, including diversifying your portfolio and mitigating risk when purchases are made at strategic times.

The IRS mandates that precious metals must be stored in an insured depository that meets specific security and insurance standards; that means you cannot store them yourself in your home or safe, unless commingled storage is used as part of their storage solution.

When selecting gold IRA custodians, look for ones with reasonable fee structures and excellent customer service. Compare costs such as account setup, vaulting, bullion shipping transactions and transactions between providers to determine whether one gives value for your money. Also important when making this choice: selecting an IRS-compliant firm who will buy back your IRA assets once liquid distribution becomes necessary – saving time on finding private dealers to sell precious metals back for cash!


An advantage of investing in gold with an IRA is that its appreciation and growth are tax-free as long as the asset remains within its account, potentially providing long-term tax savings.

However, not all forms of gold coins and bullion are permitted within an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Certain coins could fall under IRS rules as collectibles, so to protect yourself from potential issues when investing, opt for an established custodian that specializes in self-directed Gold IRAs like American Bullion or APMEX to store and administer your account.

Not only can physical gold in an IRA provide tax benefits, but its existence also offers diversification and inflation protection. Consider that just a few decades ago a candy bar cost only pennies; now one may cost several dollars or more! For many investors this is one of the key motivations for owning gold IRAs.


Although some companies provide investors with the promise that they can buy gold and store it themselves, the IRS strongly advises against this practice. They require precious metals purchased and managed through an IRS-approved custodian and stored at an IRS-approved depository – so if you take physical possession of your gold this counts as distributions that could incur substantial taxes and penalties unless the funds are rolled back over into another IRA account.

Precious metal IRAs must adhere to specific purity standards set forth by the IRS. Investors should choose an account provider who only offers low premium items like bullion without selling collector coins or artwork as this will maximize returns.

Gold IRA companies typically charge fees for investing and storing bullion. Although the costs can differ between companies, it’s essential that investors understand exactly what these costs entail before making a decision to purchase gold bullion IRAs.

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