Can Physical Gold Be Held in an IRA?

Can physical gold be held in an IRA

Many adults hold individual retirement accounts (IRAs) filled with investments such as stocks and mutual funds, but physical gold can also be held within an IRA as an individual retirement account–in what’s referred to as a gold IRA or self-directed IRA.

Owning coins and bullion in an IRA does have its drawbacks, such as storage fees, transaction fees and markups.


Due to rising gold prices, many investors are turning to it as an inflation or uncertainty hedge. Unfortunately, physical gold stored within an IRA requires using a special custodian who may charge additional fees for handling and storage services. Furthermore, the IRS limits what types of coins and bullion qualify as eligible IRA investments depending on fineness; only coins from well-established national mints or manufacturers qualify.

Gold can bring many advantages to an investor’s retirement portfolio despite its drawbacks, such as lack of interest and dividend payments, diversification (low correlation to markets) and value retention over time. Investors should carefully weigh these considerations when considering an IRA dedicated to precious metals holdings; look for companies offering self-directed IRAs specifically specializing in precious metals IRAs as they will often provide better services and products than standard providers.


Gold investments are considered collectibles and therefore fall under strict IRS rules. Only certain physical precious metals qualify as eligible IRA investments – for instance coins issued from the US, Canada, or South Africa that meet specific purity standards are accepted – while bars and rounds don’t qualify.

gold investment companies typically charge additional costs associated with storage and insurance of your bullion in an approved depository, such as storage fees or insurance premiums, which could offset any gains in gold price. Furthermore, cash-out fees may apply when closing your account.

While investing in physical precious metals may offer long-term returns, you must carefully assess its suitability for your financial circumstances before proceeding. Make sure you work with a reputable company offering competitive pricing, transparent terms, and impartial customer education before making your decision. In addition, be sure to seek advice from both a financial advisor and/or tax professional prior to making any definitive decisions.


Gold IRAs may not be as liquid as other investments due to needing to store it in an IRS-approved depository, which can be expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that your investment will yield profits.

Investors should carefully compare the fees charged by different companies before making their choice. They should also look for one with excellent reviews from customer and investment options and storage space as well as convenient and reasonable shipping costs.

Investors investing in physical metals require paying an annual account setup and maintenance fee as well as seller markup on spot price of gold, storage fees, insurance fees and cash-out fees in addition to custodianship fees for self-directed IRA (SDIRA). Augusta Precious Metals stands out by prioritizing transparency in fees with their refund policy and secure facilities to store clients’ metals safely.


Security is of utmost importance when it comes to storing physical gold in an IRA, since IRAs require a custodian. Therefore, you should look for a company offering reliable storage facilities so your investment remains compliant with IRS regulations. Furthermore, consider choosing an account provider who offers various gold investment options such as coins and bars from reliable manufacturers.

Lear Capital stands out as an excellent option for IRA holders with its solid track record in the industry and superior customer service. They provide a full selection of investment options while using IRS-approved depository storage facilities to safeguard your funds.

IRA investors may purchase alternative gold investments such as ETFs, mutual funds and mining stocks through their IRA accounts. When considering such options for your own personal and financial circumstances it is vital to consult a financial advisor as you must take into account market volatility risks when making your decisions.

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