Can You Buy Gold in a Roth IRA?

Major brokerages frequently offer Roth IRAs and some also feature robo advisor platforms. With managed accounts, investors select their investments themselves or are assigned one based on age and risk tolerance with low-fee funds.

The IRS does not publish an exhaustive list of what can and cannot be purchased with an IRA, however certain types of gold coins and bullion may be purchased with your account. There are various methods of doing so each with associated costs or fees.


An individual retirement account (IRA), unlike its traditional counterpart (401(k), allows investors to diversify their investments across stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs and REITs – with self-directed IRAs even providing access to alternative assets like gold.

Income limits dictate how much of an IRA contribution you can make each year; however, your earnings won’t be taxed until they are withdrawn from the Roth. Nonqualified withdrawals made before retiring age or meeting five-year rule criteria will incur ordinary income taxes as well as a 10% penalty tax.

Physical gold can be purchased with a Roth IRA, but for easier investment it would be wiser to opt for another method such as gold mining stocks, ETFs or CEFs that allow direct investments without incurring shipping and storage fees.


Investment in precious metals can be done using a traditional Roth or individual retirement account (IRA), although most mainstream financial advisors do not discuss it with their clients.

Gold IRA companies have made purchasing physical metals easier through retirement accounts, making purchasing and storage simpler than ever. An experienced firm will guide you through all necessary paperwork before purchasing and storing the metals safely in a depository facility.

Lear Capital is one of the top providers of this service, featuring educational materials and transparent prices as well as price match guarantees and risk-free shopping periods of 24 hours to consider your purchase. Goldco is also highly-rated provider offering similar advantages as well as IRS-approved precious metals; both options offer diversifying investments suitable for diversifying portfolios by providing more diversification through alternative investments – unlike stocks or mutual funds, precious metals provide protection from inflation while increasing purchasing power over time.


Add gold to your Roth IRA for added diversification, inflation protection, and tax-free withdrawals in retirement. Before opening one of these accounts, conduct adequate research and seek the advice of a financial advisor.

Purchase precious metals through an IRA-approved depository or have your custodian do it on your behalf, being sure to understand any associated fees such as storage and insurance costs before making your selections.

Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals and American Hartford Gold are top-rated companies offering Roth IRAs to investors looking for physical precious metal coins and bullion investments. Each has dedicated representatives and online resources available to you that can assist in finding the best option for your individual needs; additionally you can read customer reviews to gauge other people’s feedback on them.

Brokers and Custodians

Investment of physical gold requires the services of a broker or custodian, who will ensure its safe storage and custody. There may be one-time setup fees as well as ongoing charges such as record keeping, insurance and security that vary among institutions.

Moy recommends choosing a custodian who understands precious metals IRAs and can provide a list of trusted dealers. Furthermore, fees should be transparent while its investment structure should adapt to meet different investing goals.

Gold can serve as an inflation hedge, yet its prices can be volatile. They tend to rise when stock markets falter but may drop just as fast; moreover, traditional IRAs don’t permit physical gold investments – instead consider opening a self-directed IRA that allows multiple product investments.

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