Can You Buy Gold With a Roth IRA?

Can you buy gold with a Roth IRA

Gold investments with a Roth IRA are an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Before creating such an IRA, however, it’s essential that you conduct sufficient research on available options and select a reliable broker or custodian.

Stay away from companies offering physical gold bullion or coins as these may be considered collectibles by the IRS and cannot be offered directly to IRA holders. Instead, look into setting up a self-directed IRA which allows for direct purchases of IRS-approved precious metals.


Your tax-filing status and modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) are two key criteria in determining whether or not you qualify to contribute to a Roth IRA, with the IRS offering an online calculator to compute it.

Roth IRAs may only be funded with earned income, such as salary, hourly wages, bonuses, tips or commissions earned directly by an employee. Investment income, Social Security benefits distributions retirement distributions unemployment compensation or alimony do not qualify.

Roth IRAs provide you with more flexibility than traditional savings accounts by allowing you to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other assets. You can combine investments that align with your goals and tolerance for risk to create a diversified portfolio that best meets them both. Consult a financial advisor or use a robo-advisor as guidance. It is important that your custodian charges low account fees/minimums/customer service, while offering your preferred investments. NerdWallet takes these factors into account when rating online brokers/robo-advisors/custodians/robo-advisors/custodians/custodians/robos/etc.


Taxes can be an important consideration when saving for retirement. Roth IRAs provide one benefit of tax-free withdrawals in retirement; however, the IRS imposes certain rules regarding this matter – one being their five-year rule, where earnings can only be withdrawn tax-free after five years have elapsed since your initial contribution to one.

However, other restrictions include income limits and early withdrawal penalties; to avoid these, consult a financial advisor and explore alternative investments such as traditional IRAs and SEP/Solo 401(k) accounts as alternatives to Roth IRAs. NerdWallet’s online brokerage and robo-advisor ratings take into account 15 criteria such as account fees/minimums/investment selection/customer support/mobile app capabilities to evaluate products/providers independently without receiving compensation in return; view our full ratings methodology by reading our full ratings methodology!


Selecting an appropriate funding method can have significant tax ramifications. For instance, rolling over distributions from employer retirement plans into Roth IRAs is treated by the IRS as contributions rather than investments and could incur a tax bill. You can circumvent this issue using direct rollover or transfer; but keep in mind that there is only one rollover allowed per year between traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs.

Direct rollovers can be accomplished by asking the financial institution that holds your retirement account to make a trustee-to-trustee transfer between plans and your IRA, though an online broker with lower fees and a wider selection of investments might be better suited. You could even consider hiring a robo-advisor, who can manage investments at lower cost than human advisors.


If you want to add gold to your portfolio, a Roth IRA could be the ideal way to do it. But before making any investments, it’s essential that you understand its rules and regulations – specifically how much annual contributions (currently $6,500 for most people; $7,500 for those over 50).

Next, find a company offering self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) that allow you to buy and store gold coins or bullion. While this form of account can be more complex than its traditional counterpart, the IRS mandates that precious metals held within such accounts be stored at an approved depository facility.

Gold investments can also be added to traditional or Roth IRAs via mutual funds that specialize in gold, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track gold indexes, and stocks of mining companies that produce the precious metal. Taking this route allows you to diversify your portfolio while protecting it during economic downturns.

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