Can You Buy Gold With Your IRA?

Traditional brokerage firms do not allow clients to invest in precious metals through an IRA; however, self-directed IRA custodians may provide this option for individuals looking to invest in gold.

Be wary when choosing a dealer; be sure they uphold IRS guidelines and meet certain purity standards in order to be considered collectibles by the IRS.


Physical gold does not generate income that is taxed like stocks, bonds and mutual funds do; though its price may fluctuate at times it remains an effective hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Furthermore it makes for an excellent retirement savings diversifier.

Find a company with transparent pricing, competitive rates and buyback offers, customer education that is impartial, as well as no high-pressure sales tactics or scare tactics to make their offer more enticing.

If you’re transferring funds from another retirement account, it’s essential that the company you select is approved by the IRS to conduct rollovers. The best companies will coordinate a direct institution-to-institution transfer that keeps your retirement assets free from taxes, secure storage facilities and theft protection features to safeguard investments against theft as well as charge a fee to create new Gold IRA or self-directed IRA accounts – this covers ongoing costs like storage and fees associated with their establishment.


As with other IRA investments, there are fees associated with precious metal investments in an IRA account. These typically include custodial fees, purchase and storage costs and insurance premiums. Furthermore, given their inaccessible nature compared with paper assets such as stocks or bonds, accessing your funds may take more time and be restricted in their withdrawal capacity.

If you are considering physical gold investment, be sure to select a provider with secure storage facilities and an excellent track record in safeguarding their clients’ belongings. These providers should also know the intricacies of IRA-eligible coins and bars in order to comply with IRS rules, including making sure all gold meets purity standards and explaining markup charges charged by different vendors as they help determine what’s best suited to your needs. In addition, these providers should offer real-time digital interfaces so you can monitor assets in real-time!


Gold can be seen as an inflationary hedge; however, due to its volatile price volatility it can also be considered risky and could concentrate your retirement savings in one asset class.

Investing in precious metals requires careful thought, as you should carefully weigh all available options. There are various investments such as stocks in gold mining companies or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which monitor prices of various metals.

Many dealers specialize in precious metal IRAs. When selecting one, make sure they have an excellent reputation and expertise within the industry – some even belong to respected trade organizations like American Numismatic Association and ICTA – but avoid any pressure tactics designed to pressure you into buying their product, such as offering you excessive amounts of free silver when opening an account – these offers usually are too good to be true!


Investment in physical gold and other precious metals requires a special type of IRA known as a self-directed IRA, which allows investors to maintain control over their own investments as well as gain access to a wider selection of investment products.

Self-directed IRAs can be established with any custodian that specializes in alternative assets, like precious metals. You then choose a precious metals dealer regulated by industry groups like American Numismatic Association, Industry Council for Tangible Assets or Professional Numismatists Guild as your buyer.

One drawback of a gold IRA is having your investment stored at an IRS-approved depository and paying storage fees, while cashing out precious metals may take longer compared to regular retirement accounts and, should you need funds sooner, may require selling at market rates which reduce its investment potential.

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