Can You Buy Gold With Your IRA?

Traditional and Roth IRAs allow investors to put away pretax dollars and allow them to grow tax-deferred. Furthermore, withdrawals are permitted during retirement.

Gold is an investment with strong historical performance that tends to hold onto its value over time, providing a valuable diversifier in your retirement portfolio.

Investors requiring physical metals must utilize a custodian that accepts physical metals, such as American Bullion or APMEX. Both companies charge fees for account management, storage and insurance.


An IRA account involves several costs in purchasing gold. There may be one-time setup fees that vary based on provider and then annual maintenance fees to keep an investment secure; these may depend on how much precious metals you own and their changing value over time.

Other costs to consider when investing in precious metals IRAs include storage fees, which may reach as much as $125 annually or more. These charges cover keeping physical precious metals stored with an IRS-approved depository; typically an IRA custodian works with multiple depository options so investors should conduct thorough research before selecting their preferred storage solutions.

Investors must also consider the tax ramifications associated with owning physical gold in an IRA. Although it’s legal under IRS regulations to invest directly, it would likely be more cost effective to purchase a gold ETF than physically owning physical bullion or coins.


If you are contemplating investing physical gold through an IRA, be mindful of any tax implications that might apply. Physical coins and bullion may appeal to investors worried about potential currency collapse and want an alternate form of currency available – however it would often be more tax efficient to buy into an ETF such as Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund (VGPMX).

Most precious metals IRA providers charge fees for opening an account, storing, insuring and selling metals purchased from dealers as well as charging markup fees on items bought through dealers. Over time these costs may accumulate significantly.

If you cash out the precious metals from your IRA before turning 72 years old, a 50% excise tax may apply. A custodian can assist with understanding these tax regulations to make sure that your precious metal investments comply with IRS requirements.


When investing with an IRA, purchasing gold can be done, though certain steps must be taken first. First off, find a self-directed IRA custodian who allows precious metal investments; money from existing accounts such as an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), or Thrift Savings Plan can also be used for investing.

Though most IRA custodians do not handle physical gold or coins, a few will. Usually these companies charge fees to set up, store, insure and transport precious metals – these charges may become particularly steep if investing in gold bullion bars; additional shipping fees may also apply when trading or selling these metals; it is typically more cost effective and time efficient to invest in an exchange-traded fund that holds precious metals instead.


Gold has long been considered a key investment asset for retirement savings due to its diversification and inflation protection properties. However, investors must understand the risks involved with investing in gold; like other investments it may lose value or be volatile; unlike stocks and bonds however, gold does not pay dividends or yields, so consideration of investing in a gold IRA should only be undertaken after conducting extensive due diligence regarding any possible returns on your investment.

Precious metals IRAs can be established as traditional pre-tax or Roth IRAs, SEP/ SIMPLE IRAs or SMA IRAs. Like other retirement accounts, precious metals IRAs have contribution limits and withdrawal penalties; they also abide by purity storage standards set out by the IRS: only 99.5%-99.999% pure bullion products such as bars or coins may be held within these accounts by their holders; life insurance policies and certain collectibles cannot be included within them either.

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